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03-14-16 Image“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

Hundreds of emails.

16 flights.

7 speeches.

4 days getting up before 5:00 a.m.

3 nights checking into hotels after midnight.

2 national interviews.

1 intense bout of food poisoning.

This is a partial list of what went into the busiest professional week (by far!) of my life.

Now you know why the tea party with my daughter last week was so meaningful.

Now you know why my eyes are a little bloodshot!

And now you know why I am gratefully writing this with that week behind me and with my family still next to me.

But why work so hard last week?

My friends, tonight at midnight the project I’ve spent several months promoting, the past three years writing, and a lifetime discerning finally goes public. I’m honored, anxious and unapologetically excited that my book, On Fire, is being published by Simon and Schuster and distributed around the world.

In considering how to share with you a bit of what the books is about, I thought I’d sum it up best by sharing testimonials from thought-leaders, game-changers, celebrities who’ve already read the book.

So here’s a little Q & A with some special friends.


What’s this book actually about?

“This is a book about coming alive – about practicing courage and fully showing up at home, work, and with the people we love. John is a storyteller, change-maker, and cage-rattler. Reading this book is like having a good friend look you square in the eye and say, “The time to be brave is now.” –Brené Brown, New York Times #1 Bestseller author Daring Greatly and Rising Strong


What does John’s book reveal about the challenges we all face?

On Fire celebrates the beauty of LIFE! Through courageously sharing his own pain and devastating loss, O’Leary reveals how crucial it is for us to keep moving forward after a setback or trial—still hope, still dream, still see the possibilities before us. Eventually we must all make the choice to truly live or just exist. A magnificent and inspiring read!” –Sean Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


After I read On Fire, what will I believe about myself?

“I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve read that created an urgency to push away my fears and past mistakes to step fully into life.  On Fire offers a redemptive invitation to all, leading us to believe that no matter how many times we’re down, no matter how dismal the current situation, the best is yet to come.” –Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Life


What will On Fire inspire in me?

“John O’Leary is truly one of the most amazing humans on the planet. His story will not only inspire you, but give you practical ideas for how to enjoy your life more, appreciate all that you have, and [will] push you to achieve all that you are capable of doing.” –Rory Vaden, New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs


How will I be different after I read On Fire?

“There a rare handful of people in the world whose life story will change you forever. John O’Leary is one of these people. The powerful life lessons in this book will forever inspire you to live, lead, and love differently.” –Tommy Spaulding, New York Times bestselling author of The Heart-Led Leader and It’s Not Just Who You Know


I’ve heard John has five siblings.  Who is his parents’ favorite child?

“We’re glad you asked.  We have six kids. But our most attractive, intelligent and athletic, by far, is our son John.  Yes, we like our other kids, but simply love John and have decided leave everything to him.” -Susan and Denny O’Leary


OK, so maybe the last one isn’t legit, but Brené Brown, Sean Covey, Rachel Macy Stafford, Rory Vaden, Tommy Spaulding, and many others agree that On Fire is an honest share, important read, and worthy of being shared. [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook]

Don’t take their word for it…check it out for yourself!

This is your day. Live Inspired….and Live On Fire!


Have you read the first two chapter of On Fire on Glose.com? Share your own review in the comments below.

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Congratulations on Your most recent success – “On Fire”…I know there will be more to come as you continue on Life’s Journey, Inspiring people everywhere with your incredible story. The LORD has Blessed You in so many ways, and I’m so glad I had a chance to hear you speak at a WFF Facility Services Conference in St. Louis about two years ago…

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