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On-Fire-Product-Picture-best-sellerOver the past several weeks I’ve been fortunate to do several live readings from my new book ON FIRE.

Below is a passage I shared with a group of educators reminding them how beautifully children see the world, and our sacred opportunity to teach, inspire and encourage them to continue seeing the world through the lens of possibility and love.

My friends, the following excerpt reminds us that frequently, as adults, we only see what seems obvious. Children, on the other hand, perfectly perceive what is in fact, most true. [Share on Facebook.] [Tweet this.]

Enjoy this excerpt from my National Bestselling book ON FIRE:


Sometimes we need another set of eyes to remind us how beautiful our scars really are.

One morning, I was getting ready for work, shaving in the bathroom as my son Jack watched, standing perched on the toilet seat. I’d given him a razor with a plastic shield on it and watched as he modeled my motions. When I shaved my left side, he shaved his left side. When I switched to my right, Jack switched, too. Then he stopped moving his hands. He stopped shaving, and I noticed he was staring at my torso.

Now, understand that my entire body is terribly scarred, but on no place on my body are the scars thicker, more obvious than on my stomach.

As I continued shaving, I could see his little mind working.

He came down from the toilet, walked over, and looked up at me. He raised his hand, tracked one of my scars with his index finger, and said, “Daddy?”

“Yeah, buddy, what is it?”

I braced for the awkward question or conversation we were about to have . . . started thinking of ways to answer his question . . . how much detail about the fire . . . how much information about the burns . . . how should he share with his friends what happened to his dad . . . how to tell him he didn’t need to be embarrassed or scared . . .

“Daddy, your tummy is red, it’s bumpy, and it’s ridgey . . . “

Then he added, “and I love it!”

You know Jack, I love it, too.

ON FIRE is a National Bestseller! Instead of simply enjoying a snippet through my Monday Morning Motivation, why not join the movement of 30,000+ who have purchased this book and are waking up from accidental living? Get your copy of ON FIRE today.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

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