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Can You Put Your Name On It? Reflecting on Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini Show

10-31-16-can-you-put-your-name-on-it-image“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook]

“Look what I made, Dad!”

These are words I hear from my young children every time they create art, whether it was created at school or our kitchen table.

They smile broadly, hand it to me, describe the scene they created, and light up as I compliment it. Before walking over to the fridge to hang their work, they take one more important step: they print their name on it.

I thought about those art projects and my kids’ genuine pride in them during a recent interview for my Live Inspired podcast with one of the most extraordinary individuals I’ve ever met. Let me explain.

Brian Buffini is the classic American success story.

He emigrated from Ireland as a 19-year-old with less than $100. He took odd jobs to support himself: selling t-shirts, working security and painting houses. With no one to fall back on if he failed and no one to listen to his excuses: Brian worked hard.

This work ethic was built intentionally into Brian’s fiber from a young age by his grandfather.

Brian’s family owned a painting business. Each day after completing a job, Brian’s grandfather would walk into the room, survey each wall and assess the work done. He’d then walk over to Brian and ask, “Brian, can you put your name on it?”

Brian knew that in their family business, the only acceptable answer was “Yes!” If there was ever a no, it was known that the work would be redone; because the Buffini name would only go on work completed with the highest of standards.

It turns out, though, just like my kids having the passion, energy, and enthusiasm to put their name on their artwork: being willing to put your name on your work is vitally important in all professions, relationships, and in all we do.

So, Brian grew up. Moved to America. And never forgot the importance of focusing on the details and working passionately enough that he could put his name on every endeavor, every job.

Eventually, he began a job as a real estate agent. He had no network, no leads, no knowledge of the American real estate market, but he quickly built a reputation of caring deeply about the needs of his clients, in no small part because he ended each day having completed work he was confident putting his name on.

Brian’s business grew so rapidly, that other agents wanted to know what he was doing that generated such unrivaled success. So he freely shared his strategies with the colleagues in his office. Then, another office. And then another.

Eventually realizing that as much as he enjoyed selling homes, he could have an even greater impact teaching others how to more effectively build their business and lead their lives. Today his business is known as Buffini & Company and he’s had such influence in the real estate market three million real agents have taken his courses and one in eight houses is sold by a real estate agent influenced through his strategies.

The greatest lesson Brian was taught in his life was to make sure he paused to ask if he could put his name on his work, day, actions, words, faith walk, life.

My friends, Brian shared this and so much more when I caught up with him at his California home to interview him for my Live Inspired podcast.

Join us, overlooking the Pacific Ocean from his patio, a breeze blowing and as I ask Brian about his challenges, successes, and tips on living an inspired life. Subscribe, rate and review my Live Inspired podcast here.

Remember, you are what you do, not what you’ll say you’ll do. So as you race through your days at work and your routines in life, choose to interact, to create, to serve, and to live so passionately that you, too, are proud to put your name on it.

My friends, today is your day. Live Inspired.

2 replies on “Can You Put Your Name On It? Reflecting on Brian Buffini”

This especially touched my heart today. I am a very positive person the glass is always half full.
although there are always lessons to be learned in life I have learned life is precious and can’t be replaced.
I ask myself daily are the thoughts in side of me worthly of building others up? if not I should rethink my thought process again which I do.
Thank you so much for this power of positive thinking process and making sure I can put my name on it !

So grateful for your sharing life’s lessons. They are guiding lights on our pathway to a happier, healthier way of being!

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