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Live Inspired Vlog #92: Don’t Miss the Thin Lines

Vlog #92

I love waking up before the sun rises, making myself a cup of coffee, and watching the night slowly turn into day. It’s by far my favorite part of every day.

The Celtics called this meeting of night and day the “thin line.” The moment where heaven meets the earth. A sacred, quiet moment.

In today’s #LiveInspired vlog, I challenge you to slow down, take a deep breath, and look for all the “thin line” moments in your own life…even if you don’t plan to wake before the sun rises.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

1 reply on “Live Inspired Vlog #92: Don’t Miss the Thin Lines”

Hello! I heard about your book through my business training audio messages featuring Donna Johnson,Arbonne International. Wow! I am so thankful you said yes to living and grabbed that fork and decided to claim the red jacket. I look forward to you as our keynote speaker at Arbonne’s GTC 2017 this year and I will be recommending your book to everyone I can. All glory be to our amazing God!
Therese Gruba, Independent Arbonne Consultant, Duluth, MN

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