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Live Inspired Vlog #98: Open Your Door a Bit Wider

VLOG #98

“You can either make your life about yourself, or you can make your life about others. But you can’t do both effectively at the same time.”

I heard this quote at a conference I attended a while back, and I was reminded of it recently during a dinner with my family. In this week’s #LiveInspired vlog, I share the experience that reminded me we have a choice: to lead a life serving others or a life serving only ourselves.

It’s a choice we all have daily, and candidly, it’s not always an easy choice to make. So my challenge to you this week and throughout the entire holiday season is this: open your doors a bit wider, make your lives about something larger than yourselves, and allow yourselves to become even better versions of yourselves by making sure that the thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs of others are served.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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