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Live Inspired Vlog #151: What’s Your Legacy?

Impact Others Through the Way You Live

It’s been said that legacy isn’t what you leave for people. It’s what you leave within people.

I was recently in attendance as a man was celebrated for 50 years of membership and contribution to an association. Before the man took the stage, his peers were invited to share what they loved and respected most about him.

As person after person stood up, it came as no surprise to me that instead of focusing on the physical and financial contributions this gentleman had made, they focused on the relationships he had fostered and the way he made each of them feel. They focused on the example his life of service had been to others and the legacy he had left.

I share his story in today’s #LiveInspired vlog, and I encourage you to ask yourself what legacy you are leaving.

Legacy isn’t what we leave FOR people; it’ what we leave WITHIN people.

So what will your legacy be?

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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