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Live Inspired Vlog #157: The Gift of Hot Water

A Lesson on Being Grateful for All We Have

The temperatures have been frigid throughout most of the country this week, and here in the Midwest, that caused our pipes to freeze. Meaning we had little to no water coming out of our pipes, and most definitely not the gloriously hot showers I typically start my day with.

As I struggled through these few days without warm showers, I realized how much I take for granted a luxury that many in this world don’t regularly have. And I was reminded of the expression, “It’s not in having everything that you want that you become grateful, but in choosing gratitude that you discover you have everything you want.”

So today as I head out into the cold, I’m choosing to be grateful for the opportunity to face this day and realizing how fortunate I am. And I hope you’ll join me in choosing gratitude.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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