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Live Inspired Vlog #162: The Grand Gift of “Nothing”

Celebrating the Simple Things in Life

Earlier this week, I came home from walking the dog and stumbled across my son Patrick sitting in a chair, underneath a tree, with a wonderful look of joy on his face. Looking around, I saw no friends, no balls, no smartphone, and so I asked him what he was doing. His reply?

“Nothing!” And back to a happy grin.

My friends, in the busyness of coffee meetings and carpool lines, kids’ afterschool activities and volunteer obligations, how often are we able to take a moment, sit quietly, and simply enjoy the gift that is our life.

Today, I encourage you to follow the example of Patrick: sit quietly, look at everything around you, and just do “nothing” for a moment.

It will absolutely help you see the grand gift it is to simply be alive.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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