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Live Inspired Vlog #167: Write a Love Letter

Remember Who and What Actually Matters

How do you react when you’re angry with someone you love? What words do you say? What actions do you take? If you’re anything like me, in hindsight, you don’t always react in a way you’d be proud of.

On my latest Live Inspired Podcast, my new friend Todd Davis shared an exercise he started using almost a decade ago, when his kids were arguing and getting after one another on Christmas morning. It’s an exercise that helped Todd Davis’ children remember exactly what they appreciated about their siblings that day, and it’s an exercise that they’ve been doing every Christmas since.

In today’s #LiveInspired vlog, I encourage each of us to take the time to do this activity today. In doing so, it will help the way we view one another, our situations, and our lives. And it will radically change our perspective on who and what really matters.

So today, take inventory, write a love letter, and remember that today is your day.

Live Inspired.

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