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Live Inspired Vlog 175: Change the World

A Lesson on Being the Good You Want to See

There’s an old expression that says:

You can either choose to be affected by the world or you can choose to affect it.

This statement is most definitely true as we look around at the challenges and opportunities at home, in our offices at work, the schools and hospitals where we serve, and the lives that we lead. We can either choose to be affected by the challenges we face, or we can choose to affect the world by jumping at the opportunities we’ve been given.

In today’s #LiveInspired vlog, I share the story of one friend who has taken a great step toward being the change he wishes to see around him. May his story (and the story of my most recent podcast guest, Christine Caine) be a reminder to you that although we may not be able to change the world by ourselves, we can most certainly change the world for someone else.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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