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Live Inspired Vlog 179: Unplug from Distracted Living

“Plugging In” To What Matters Most

Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of traveling to Spain and Ireland with my wife and kids.

This trip meant that for a little over a week, all of us were free from the distractions of work, email, social media, television, and video games. And more importantly, it meant we were totally connected to one another and the amazing new experiences around us!

These days together reminded me of the days before the constant connection to electronics. And they reminded me that the most important memories of my childhood weren’t of amazing trips abroad (we never did that!) or even great vacations close to home (we seldom did that).

No, the best memories were of walks around the neighborhood, fishing trips where no fish were caught, and dinners around the kitchen table.

So today, I encourage each of us to unplug from distracted living, get outside to play, and really look around at what matters most.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

For more ideas on how to unplug from distracted living and simplify your life, check out a special Live Inspired Podcast episode here.

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