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Live Inspired Vlog 183: Expect the Best

live inspired vlog 183 expect the best

Earlier this week, I promised my three boys- Jack, Patrick, and Henry- that if they were good for their mom all day, I”d take them to a Cardinals baseball game that night.

When I arrived home that afternoon, I entered the kitchen and saw three baseball gloves lined up on the kitchen counter underneath three Cardinals hats. And what do you think this sight reminded me?

It reminded me that when a child goes to a baseball game, they bring their glove because they know that no matter where their seats are, there’s a chance- maybe even an expectation- that they’ll get the chance to catch a ball.

Today, go into your day with this same viewpoint, expecting the best of everything and everyone that enters your life.

You won’t be disappointed.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

1 reply on “Live Inspired Vlog 183: Expect the Best”

John, I’ve lived a life of privileged, very spoiled and center mostly on myself. A lot of this was due to me coming along 10 years after my other two siblings were born and a widowed mom that catered to my every need literally. She bought me around 11 new cars in my lifetime and indulged my 3 kids as well. This pattern continued until she died three years ago and my life changed drastically. There was little money left and I couldn’t adjust well at all. I was angry, felt let down and depressed because I couldn’t keep my lavish life up. I ended up with a dibilitated back from a car wreck that happened while I was on a drug binge. I nearly lost my loving husband and three beautiful kids from my drug addiction . One day while I was in a woe as me moment , something woke me up to count all I did have instead of what was wrong. I literally realized that I was a very blessed person with all the love my family continued to give me dispite my actions and attitude. Today I’m just taking life one day at a time and realizing how much I do have to be thankful for and my life has totally changed. Your inspiring messages are so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for the work you do you are an inspiration for all.

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