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Live Inspired Vlog 188: Who’s Driving This, Anyway?

who's driving this thing, amy jo martin

A Reminder That You Are in Charge of Your Own Happiness

Well good morning my friends!

Welcome to Live Inspired- Wednesday morning vlog- Live on Facebook with John O’Leary. I am thrilled, as always, to be with you on these Wednesday mornings.

The question that you see as the title of this vlog was asked by my, at the time, seven-year-old son Jack to a pilot on an airplane. We were on our way from St. Louis down to Florida for a little holiday fun. The pilot apparently came out to say hello to a few of the passengers.

He’s talking to the kids, and my seven-year-old cuts him off mid-stream, looks at him very assertively and very concerned, and asks him the question, “Who’s driving this thing, anyway?”

Who’s driving this thing, anyway?

You know, that’s a fair question for a child to ask a pilot when you are cruising along down south at 36,000 feet above the ground.

Who’s driving this thing, anyway?

But I think it’s also a question we ought to be asking ourselves from time to time in our own lives. Who is driving this thing? Your life, your relationships, your health, your choices, your decisions on what you take into your body, what you take into your heart, what you take into your mind, anyway.

Who’s doing this anyway?

Over the last few days, I’ve had the great pleasure and honor of hanging out with a bunch of friends, but I’ve also noticed that a lot of folks lately are talking about all the challenges they have both at work and at home. Specifically, around school stuff. Around the amount of activities that these kids do. Around the amount of sports that these kids are participating in.

One of my friends recently complained that he cannot believe his son made another travel team. He was so disappointed that this child made another team.

And my question to my colleague, my friend, was, “Well who’s driving this thing anyway?”

Did your nine-year-old son sign himself up for that practice? Is he signing himself up to pay the thousand
dollars or whatever to participate on this team? Is he paying for the travel to cities both within driving distance, but also cities that require flights?

Who’s driving this thing, anyway?

My friends, we get the great opportunity (it’s the opportunity of a lifetime) to navigate where we go next, where we go organizationally, where we go within our families, where we go as a parent, where we go with our decisions that we’re making in our health, where we go in our lives.

You get to decide where we go! Don’t give this thing away to society. Don’t give it away to some other copilot.

Decide today and every day what you know and who you know actually matters and then determine to make yourself available to live right there in real time with this area.

I learned really about this from my friend Amy Jo Martin. She was my most recent podcast guest. She’s an outstanding, outstanding communicator, thinker, dreamer, strategist, now social media influencer. I’ve read that she’s one of the top ten most influential women on Twitter. So, she’s got quite a following, but it wasn’t always HER life that she was leading.

She was being led by others, until finally she woke up one day recognizing, “Whose life am I living, anyway?”

She’d given up the best of her life in so many regards to others, and then finally she decided, “Enough, I’ve got to live my life. I’ve got to do the things that I recognize really do matter.”

My friends, on this morning, we have an opportunity like Amy Jo to recognize the things that matter, to step into them boldly, unapologetically.

So, as the sun continues to rise to your East, as the fall winds continue to blow a little bit more (woo, you’re feeling this a little bit! Summer is beginning to fade.), what an awesome opportunity to reassess where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go next.

Because you ultimately are driving this thing anyway! Act like it!

If you want to learn more about Amy Jo Martin and how you can navigate where you go next, check out our Live Inspired Podcast, anywhere you pull down your podcasts. You’re going to love this one. It’s Live Inspired with John O’Leary, and the guest this time is Amy Jo Martin.

So, for this time, and until next time, this is John O’Leary.

And today is your day.

Live Inspired.

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