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How You View Your World Becomes Your Reality

Well good morning, my friends!

Welcome to Live Inspired with John O’Leary.

This episode on Wednesday morning is brought to you by my dear friends at McDonalds. That’s right, I’m borrowing their wifi just for a moment.

Don’t worry! I’ll go back in there in a moment and grab a coffee. I’ll make it worth their while.

But I’m delighted to spent a little bit of my Wednesday morning with you from the road.

One of my kids’ favorite movies is called The Princess Bride. My boys would probably be outraged that I’m sharing this news with you today, but they love the show.

And in that show, there’s a response that the servant boy uses all the time for the beautiful lady, the beautiful princess.

And the reply is: As you wish!

Whatever she requests of him, his response is always, “As you wish!”

As you wish!

What you recognize as your progress through life is that the way you choose (in other words, the way you wish) to see the world is in fact the world that you see.

It’s the world that you live in. It’s the world that you experience. It’s the world that you inhabit.

As you wish. As you wish.

I say that because I think so frequently in life many of us view the world that we live in as being overcast and loud and wet and dark and dreary and in some kind of negative place.

So today, I want to share a very brief example of something different. Traveling yesterday, I saw example after example after example of goodness.

I want to just give you a couple right now that sum it up with the statement, as you wish.

I saw a police officer let someone off who was speeding, and he said to this person, “Slow down. Drive safer. I want you to get where you want to go.”

I saw someone else who was lost in a conference center be guided by a janitor, forward to the exact room where he needed to go.

I saw another person boarding an airplane who slipped on the final step in- tumbled, lost everything, papers everywhere, laptop out of the bag, bag on top of the person- be helped up immediately, not just by a flight attendant, but by the first two guys in first class.

Example after example after example of goodness shining through the darkness.

So how did I see all this stuff?

Well, it’s because I was that person in all three examples and many more.

I was the guy who in Tyler, TX was pulled over by one of Tyler’s finest, and who was lovingly suggested, “Hey, I understand that you didn’t know the speed limit, but do me a favor, brother. Slow down! I want you to get where you’re going safely.”

And I appreciated that more than he or you could imagine.

I was the guy who was lost in a conference center in Tyler, TX yesterday, when a janitor sweeping the floors of this place walked over to me and said, “Brother, are you lost?”

I must’ve been showing that one on my face. And I said, “Yes, I have no idea where I’m going.”

And he guided me exactly to the room. I didn’t ask him to; he just did it.

I was the guy in Shreveport, LA boarding an airplane, who tripped on the final step, wiped out, belly flopped onto the plane, and immediately was helped up by the guys in first class and also by the flight attendant.

They weren’t looking for praise. They weren’t looking for a call out on a Live Inspired mission moment.

Instead, they were seeking an opportunity to bring light into a world that longs for it.

Is there darkness? Are there overcast skies? Are there sometimes issues with wifi?

Yes, yes, yes.

Yes, that’s absolutely true.

But what you seek to see around you in the world is in fact what you will see more of.

As you wish.

As you wish.

If you want to see the darkness and the despair and the struggles and the misery that is alive and well within our lives and countries and families and organizations, you’ll see it.

But if you choose instead to seek goodness and hope, and men and women working together to solve problems, my friends, you will see it.

As you wish. As you wish.

On our most recent podcast, we interviewed an incredible guy named Joe DeLoss. He is a business owner. He’s a philanthropist. He’s a phenomenal thinker, person, and servant. And he’s a person who is seeking to find and spread goodness in the world. You’re going to love it.

So, as you wish to see more goodness in your life, so may it be.

As you wish. As you wish.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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