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Live Inspired Vlog 206: I’m the piece that doesn’t fit.

John O’Leary discusses suicide prevention awareness on his weekly Live Inspired vlog.

Good Morning, Friends! Thanks for joining me for Live Inspired vlog #206. I’m joining you after a really busy few weeks of travel. I hope you enjoy this quick burst of inspiration to start your Wednesday!

We belong.

I was reminded of the power of that truth this week both in two tragic events as well as a beautifully triumphant one.

Watch the video to get some reflections on mental health, suicide prevention awareness, a reminder that we are all imperfect and all belong and most importantly: for information on when you can hear my dear friend and expert on this topic, Dennis Gillan, join us live to answer our questions and give us guidance on this difficult topic.

Want more inspiration? Check out my most recent Live Inspired podcast with Les Parrot, co-founder of eHarmony, psychologist + professor.

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