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John O’Leary shares how to overcome your biggest weakness.

“Be grateful for the people who help you see your gaps or weaknesses.” – Rand Stagan

Is there anyone in your life who just drives you crazy?

Maybe a colleague, neighbor… spouse… in-law who just gets under your skin?

Or maybe there is a certain situation – traffic, long lines, bad service, cold food, dirty socks on the floor, again – and as soon as it happens, again, you immediately feel a level of stress that is not equal to the offense?

My friend, today we live and work and play at an ever-increasing pace, amidst a lot of noise. In this environment, we often are more reactive than reflective, aren’t we? Take stock of your day so far… how many interactions were reactive?

I’m guilty of it too! And as the reactiveness increases, so does the fear, the anxiety and the divineness; as does our longing for more hope, optimism, courage, humility and authentic connection.

I am so honored to have a resource to share with you today to meet us exactly where we are.

I recently shared the stage with Rand Stagan, Managing Director of Stagen Leadership Academy, and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about his brilliant statement: “Be grateful for the people who help you see your gaps or weaknesses.” [Share on Facebook.] | [Tweet this.]

Rand has identified specific ways we can influence our daily experiences to have more inspired moments, interactions and lives.

I invited Rand to join me on the Live Inspired Podcast last week so that you could learn amazing, actionable tips like: Create a little space between key stimuli (remember that traffic? Those dirty socks? That sarcastic response from your colleague?) and our responses to them, so that we can do more effective work and live more inspired lives.

Whether you’re leading a large corporation, stuck in carpool traffic, or both: My conversation with Rand will leave you motivated to live a more inspired life. Listen here.

Today is your day. Live inspired.
John O’Leary


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