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What Makes Someone the Most Influential Photographer on the Internet?

John introduces us to the most influential photographer in the world Jeremy Cowart and his amazing work – photographing the Obama’s and Taylor Swift, and more inspiring: using photography for social good.

Recently a friend recommended a guest I should have on my Live Inspired Podcast. He said, “Jeremy Cowart is themost influential photographer in the world and he has a new book coming out, he’s perfect.”

Okay… photography! We’ve never had a photographer on the show, that could be really fun. But is Jeremy living inspired?

And, what makes him the most influential photographer in the world, anyway? I did a little research and boy did I quickly realize the answer.

Someone who is…










…willing to take a risk and snap an unauthorized photo of Sting backstage that just so happened to be thecandid shot Sting’s publicist always wanted.










…commissioned to take photos of historic moments, like the President of the United States dancing with the First Lady at his Inaugural Ball.










…hired to shoot the cover photo for the 2019 Best Contemporary Christian Album, Look Up Child.

Okay, so high profile (and arguably exquisite) photos… check.

Being named “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Forbes… check.

But what about that inspired living piece? Ah, yes… take a look:










This photo is from Jeremy’s Voices of Reconciliation project which shows reconciled survivors + perpetrators of genocide in Rwanda peacefully living together.










This photo is from Jeremy’s project Voices of Haiti. After hearing endless media reports on the broad “devastation” in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, he went there to help individuals tell their stories through photo essays.

Jeremy Cowart photographs the likes of the Obamas, Lauren Daigle and Sting, but what you really need to see is his photography projects for social good.

Yes, Jeremy’s  photographs of Sting, the Obamas and Lauren Daigle are fantastic, but what’s truly remarkable is how he’s using his photography for social good – Voice of Reconciliationand Haiti are just two examples.

Jeremy is using photography to help people see depths of the world, human experience and emotion that might otherwise go unseen. [Share on Facebook.] | [Tweet this.]

Join me and my newest friend (and the most influential photographer in the world!) as we discuss – and Jeremy gives rich examples of – how one person can change the world.

[Join us on Live Inspired Podcast Ep. #150 here.]


While it may be true that photography helps people to see, we must still choose to be the type of people who are open enough, bold enough and inspired enough to actually open our eyes to see it.

Today is your day. Say cheese. And Live Inspired.
John O’Leary

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