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Molly Fletcher SpeakerChart Your Own Path to Success

“Life can be either of two things, what it makes of you or what you make of it.” – Rodney Crowell [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook]

How do you build a $500 million business and a life you love?

One pizza at a time.

Let me explain.

For Molly Fletcher, college graduation day came…and went.

Without promising prospects for employment or money for rent, Molly selected a city to move to that had connections in her field. And, more importantly, a city with a friend whose couch she could sleep on.

Knowing very few people in Atlanta and having no real direction for the future, Molly reflected on what she knew and what she could do to take her first steps into her new life as an adult.

Molly had played college tennis and was even the team captain. So, she knew tennis. Check!

She’d heard there was a passion for tennis in Atlanta, and that you could actually be a “tennis pro” at some of the apartment complexes, teaching tennis to residents for a discount on your rent. Check!

The problem: Molly didn’t have a job to cover even discounted rent. She needed to find a way to pay rent and other expenses if she was ever going to get off her friend’s couch.

Instead of giving up – which many of us tend to do when faced with challenges that don’t have simple solutions – Molly took inventory of what she knew, what she had and how she could use those things to build toward a new future. One step at a time.

How Molly Fletcher Took What She Knew to Get What She Wanted

First, Molly found an apartment complex that needed a tennis pro.

Once she had the apartment, she introduced herself to the owners of the pizzeria next door. Striking a deal with them, she agreed to drive traffic to their restaurant by inserting flyers into the monthly apartment complex newsletter. In return, the pizzeria gave her 20 free pizzas for a monthly tennis event she hosted for the residents.

Molly took this win, and celebrated it with the manager at the apartment complex. He was struggling because only 85% of his units were filled. Molly shared with him how the monthly tennis events could serve as open houses for prospective residents to get free tennis lessons, enjoy some pizza and see the property.

As a result of these events, his occupancy rate went up.

And Molly’s rent went down.

All the way down, to zero.

She now had a place to live, doing what she loved (tennis) and filling a need for those around her to have better lives and businesses.

Want to hear how Molly built off of this success and eventually became a professional sports agent closing more than $500 million in contracts? Check out my latest Live Inspired Podcast with Molly Fletcher here.

Molly’s entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude is inspiring, and our conversation was one of the most fun I’ve had in a while! So, join us to hear about Molly’s amazing life and how she has loved on others along the way.

This is your day.

Make the most of it.

And live inspired.

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