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Finish Line and In Awe BookWith Love from Me, Beachside

“Don’t stop because you are tired. Keep going because you are almost there.” – Anonymous

I recently spoke with a new friend about his life, work and goal of retiring from New York City to a farm.

For Joe DeSena, that dream came true!

He left the race of Manhattan, moved to the countryside of Vermont and enjoys the pace of life on a farm with his wife and kids.

He made it. Success!

And yet, as he arrived… he realized he was just beginning.

You see, after moving he began his real work. The mission-centered, passionate kind for which he felt he was born to do. He wanted to get 100 million people off their couch and engaging again in life. Joe created Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle course racing with a mission to empower people to change their life through camaraderie and competition. He’s already up to 5 million participants! (Listen to our full conversation for tips on pushing through obstacles in your personal + professional life and the inspiration behind Spartan here.)

Joe ended one race, thought he was finished and discovered he was in fact just beginning. I can certainly relate.

Where’s the Finish Line?

In early August my manuscript for my new book IN AWE was delivered to my publisher Penguin Random House. Success, baby!

But today, I’m on a hotel deck, overlooking the beach. My feet are kicked up and…

I’m working on editing my manuscript!

You see, after years of research, writing, editing, deleting, improving, refining, washing and repeating, I delivered the manuscript to our publisher. Now, I have one final month, a short sprint, to step back and make final edits to my book.

To make the stories come to life and the emotion really hit home, I use this final time to act as if I’m writing a love letter to four special future readers of it: my kids. I long that they’ll be dramatically moved by it someday.

I’m also writing love notes to you that I can’t wait for you to read when IN AWE is published in May 2020.

As I tweak the copy and sharpen the stories, I am driven by the goal that – if you choose to pick it up – it not only resonates, but just might be life changing for you. I’ll share more as we continue to get closer, but I want you to know I am thinking of you, writing for you and can’t wait to live IN AWE with you this spring. Get excited!

Until then, whether you find yourself in an office in Manhattan, on a farm in Vermont or on a beach in Florida – remember that it is important to keep your eye on the finish line, to not miss the gifts directly in front of you and to choose daily to finish strong. [Tweet this] | [Share on Facebook]

We can decide to stop because we’re tired. Or we can keep going because we’re almost there.

Today is your day! Live Inspired.

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