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gospel singer erica campbell

Have Faith the Best is Yet to Come

“Although you can’t always choose the path you walk in life, you can always choose the manner in which you respond.” ON FIRE, page XIII

How do you respond when someone cuts you off on the highway or rudely steps in front of you as you board a plane?

How do you feel when you’re excluded from a party or not brought into an important work meeting?

How do you react when someone shares an opinion that differs radically from yours or responds to your ideas by belittling them?

Well, if you’re like me (or just about any ordinary person!) your blood pressure rises and self-esteem falls. Your ego takes a little bruising and you feel “less-than” you did prior to the incident.

And often long after the “incident,” the resentment remains. The slight grows from just a moment in time, to something much more; the echo chamber effect allows that moment of negativity to repeat over and over in our minds – which then absolutely impacts what happens next.

My friends, isn’t there a better way? A way to free ourselves from the undue burden and instead pivot forward and actually be inspired and propelled because of it?

Erica Campbell’s Perspective

This was what I asked  11-time Grammy nominated singer Erica Campbell. She was raised in Inglewood, CA, along with seven siblings in impoverished conditions. Although there was little money, there was no shortage of love. And absolutely no shortage of music. 

Erica and her sister, Tina, formed one of the most successful Gospel groups of all time, Mary, Mary selling more than 8 million records. They’ve clearly enjoyed tremendous success, as well as numerous disappointments.

Knowing Erica has been disparaged in the past for her music, style, clothing and even body type, I asked how she handled external negativity. 

She shared a quote:

“There is a once upon a time and a happily ever after – at some point there is going to be tragedy, too. Just keep going.”

I love that!

[To hear it and a wonderful conversation with Erica Campbell, join me for our most recent Live Inspired Podcast episode. She’ll share some stories, some music and a lot of inspiration. Don’t miss it.]

Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

My friends, with the help of social and traditional media, there is a lot of negativity, criticism, and people telling us what’s wrong. Here’s the thing: Truly great leaders don’t curse what’s wrong. Instead, they steadfastly move forward, striving to make a difference, be authentically who they are, and positively change the world one interaction, one person at a time… regardless of the tragedies – big or small – along the way. [Tweet this]

Stay confident that the best days remain ahead and know that even if we can’t always choose what happens in life, we can always choose the manner in which we respond.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

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