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Welcome to Day 10 of the IN AWE 21-Day Challenge! Today we spark inspiration, meaning and joy by BEING PRESENT.

CHALLENGE: Do you find yourself idly scrolling on your phone? Binging Netflix? Reading negative headlines? Wishing away this moment? Well, use this moment, right now, to stop and make a list of 10 things you’ve been “meaning to do” or that would bring you joy when you “found the time.”

INSPIRATION: Being fully present is both extremely rare and a true gift. “We were not made to be a thousand places at once. We were meant to be here, in this moment, right now.” – John O’Leary, IN AWE p. 93.

ACTION: Now, DO one of the things on your list. Begin it right now. Share your list or how it felt to do one of the things on your list in the comments below or with a picture of you DOING the thing on social media, tagging me + using #inawe.

My friend, today is your day! Live IN AWE.
John O’Leary





Did you know? The 21-Day IN AWE Challenge is inspired by John’s book IN AWE. Order your copy + see all the fun behind the scenes at ReadInAwe.com.

17 replies on “In Awe 21-Day Challenge – Day 10”

One of the things on my list that we are doing as a family more is going to the beach together and I have to say, it’s great, I feel relaxed and energyzed the next day!

One of my things is to participate in a women’s step study with Celebrate Recovery. Because I am not doing some of the many other things I am usually involved with, I can take the time to really focus.

One thing from my list is cooking. I enjoy the process really. Today I baked Cinnabons and I liked how easy it was. Unfortunately this time I use one not my favorite ingredient and it ruin my work. I had to throw buns away. I’m not upset at all because I felt pleasure during cooking!

Having worked for over 60 years I feel blessed to be retired I enjoy being at home.
My 10 Season of Silence Items:
1. Daily praying more and being thankful for my blessings
2. Slowing down
3. Laughing more
4. Living in the present moment and practicing mindfulness
5. Remembering daily the importance of faith, family and friends
6. Sending my out of town Grandchildren cards
7. Gardening and being in the gift of God’s nature
8. Waiting to receive my copy of “In Awe” and reading it!
9. Reading Karen Kingsbury books
10. Decluttering!

1. miracle mornings
2. dancing,feeling my body
3. help in the farm
4. listening, with love & compassion
5. win hoff breathing
6. zoom meetings, solidarty circles with friends
7. seed, plant & harvest with Edu & Illary
8. re-engage & complete the steps of re-organizing the house with Marie Kondo
9. re-engage with the 5S to organize our cheese & yogurt house
10. read & practice the liberating structures with our crew

I am “sheltering” at my son/daughter-in-law’s to help with distance learning for my 8 and 5 year old grandkids so my son (a high school science teacher) can teach his students and my daughter-in-law can go to work. I’m thankful for the time I can spend with them.

There is a book that I’m reading “Raise Your Game” by Alan Stein, Jr., and I keep telling myself I’m going to read for a bit instead of doing other things. That is one of my 10 for sure and I will pick that book up and read it as soon as I post this comment. 🙂

Enjoying more time to bake and cook. I am also making a point of focusing on whatever conversation I am having (i.e., putting down the tablet, not scrolling on Facebook while talking on the phone, etc.).

My goals are to:
remain calm
continue daily meditation,
reach out to my kids/grandkids daily, r
reach out to housebound neighbors and offer assistance when possible, maintaining social distancing
be a resource for others regarding answers to some of their questions re: Covid when I am able. I am a nurse and keeping informed regularly on the precautions and updates. I want to make sure others have factual information and not just rumors or unsubstantiated facts.
Lastly, practicing self care as much as possible.

10 Things for the Season of Stillness
1. Journaling
2. Preparing my yard for summer
3. Water coloring
4. Spring cleaning
5. Calling an old friend
6. Hiking
7. Trying a new recipe
8. Making a puzzle
9. Calling a local organization and offering a service
10. Praying/praying/praying

Praying is how I start my morning. It always brings focus to start my day. I read this everyday, “You can do more than pray, after you have prayed. But you can not do more than pray, until you have prayed.”

I started my spring cleaning. Started with the bathroom. Smells refreshing, because I was able to open the windows to let the fresh air come in! Feels great!

We have been spending a lot more time outdoors, visiting with each other, and walking our dogs. I’m incredibly thankful that I have my family and friends to go through this with me. Thank you John.

I like to be prepared for anything. I also want to give a homemade gift. Sometimes they’re more inexpensive but mostly they are from the heart. I woke up today and made mustard bath. I plan on giving it out for anyone in our neighborhood that may be sick but also make it look pretty for gifts this season. I feel more free to get everything done. I even had time to clean the kitchen back up when I finished. I feel accomplished also. This is an awesome feeling.

I am baking today. I usually don’t have time and I found 2 awesome recipes I want to try when scrolling on FB. Amish Cinnamon Bread and No-Knead Crispy Bread. Let me know if anyone wants the recipes.

Hello Lori!
Since trying a new recipe is part of my list, I would love to try your Amish Cinnamon Bread! Stay well! Thank you!

For me, stillness is mor over the weekend, since I have the chance to be working still.
I started last weekend with the cleaning of a basement closet.
I would like to continue with %
1- Reading
2- Writing
3- Yoga
4- Cooking, yesssss! COOKING!
5- Play table games with kids
6- Play games on my phone that I never have time to try
7- Configurate my new laptop
8- Painting
9- Make a plan for my home “zen/work” area
10- Follow online writing class

One of the items on my list is to complete our bathroom repainting project that we started about 3 mos ago! I installed the drawer pulls (a first for me!) and touched up the paint. I also gave the room a thorough scrubbing. Still a bit more to do but it looks great!

This was visible but the most important thing has been really working on my spiritual life and realizing how much we take for granted. Not being able to go to Sunday Mass today is hard. God knows what He is doing though and as a good Father He know what we need. He always brings good out of any bad He allows. Thank you, John, for reminding us to focus on the good!

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