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“Making the best of what we do have,

instead of begrudging what we don’t,

has a way of creating all that we’ll ever need.” [Click to tweet.]

― C.F. Glassman

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day.

For the past three years, I’ve been researching, reflecting, writing, and editing my second book, In Awe. For the past 12 months, the majority of decisions we’ve made organizationally have been focused on propelling us toward successfully promoting, marketing and launching this book to touch as many lives as possible with it.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day bookstores around the world unboxed, pulled out and set up a book with shiny, embossed letters and a little red kite on the cover, inviting readers to unleash their inspiration, meaning and joy.

This was supposed to be the week we spoke to thousands of attendees at four separate conferences, enjoying numerous book signing lines, engaging in live media interviews in New York, and returning home Friday to a sold-out theater celebrating with friends and family the successful launch of our book.

This was supposed to be a season of sharing and living the message of In Awe, together.

Well… what’s stopping us?

My friends, although I never imagined releasing a book during a pandemic, could there be a better time to share a message about thinking differently, acting selflessly, dreaming mightily, connecting authentically and living joyfully?

At the end of February, my organization was on pace to have its best year yet in terms of top line revenue and bottom line profitability, expanding our capabilities to give generously in the community. By the middle of March, 94% of all expected future revenue had been erased. A year beginning with so much promise had been shattered.

With significant fixed expenses, team members I genuinely love and a family to support, it’s obviously been a difficult season.

Professionally, we’re expanding our virtual meetings, digital experiences, online programs and podcasts to serve our clients and community wherever they are today – most likely at home. Personally, I’ve pivoted from extensive travel into savoring 61 consecutive breakfasts, lunches, dinners and bedtime routines with my family … and countingFor the first time in their lives, their dad is fully present with them – what a gift.

During this time, our family has also identified an opportunity to apply the lessons I write about in the book.

Children teach us to be radically generous. They seem to hold everything with their hands open, desiring to share all they possess with others. Although it’s a topic I write about, it’s far different to live it. It’s particularly difficult during a recession: when travel is restricted, when large meetings are canceled and when future speaking revenues are gutted.

And yet, over time I’ve learned that true generosity isn’t about giving that which you won’t miss but recognizing the needs of another that are indeed far greater than yours.

That’s why 100% of all profits from the pre-sale and first week of sales for In Awe are being donated to my favorite organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters. The profits from the 10,000 – 15,000 books sold during these weeks would have significantly helped me but will help the families within Big Brother Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri far more.

My friends, this was supposed to be the week we launched a book about rediscovering childlike wonder for life.

And it still is. 

Let’s make the best of all we still have, instead of begrudging all we don’t. Let’s remind individuals of the profound blessing within their lives and the possibilities that remain alive within each day. [Click to tweet.]

Let’s not wait for a better tomorrow. Let’s come together to make it so today.

Order your copies of In Awe.

Get an awesome book.

Help a life-giving organization.

Change the world together.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

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