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“Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

– B. Stevenson

Mistakes we make can negatively define our lives afterwards.

But my friends, there is another path available to all of us: redemption.

With last week’s launch of the book In Awe, I wanted to share one of the most intimate stories from within it: a story of a life-changing friendship, a wasted opportunity and a lesson learned. CLICK HERE or the image below to view.Our mistakes don’t have to negatively define us. They can be used as fuel to wake us up to what’s really important, who we really are, and how to vibrantly live life for a cause even greater than yourself. [Cick to tweet.]

This is your day. Live Inspired.


2 replies on “Skipping Jack Buck’s Funeral”

I accidentally saw your name and book “In Awe” On google last week. I now know it was meant for me to happen upon your story! God has given me such a boost of hope and love through your words, your actions and the many people in your path who loved you beyond measure! Thank you. I have been sending texts to friends and family members, I ordered your book so I could have a hard copy in addition to the downloaded version! I want everyone to read it! I lead a group of women at our church who make HOPE necklaces for the women and men at The Healing Place here in Louisville. It is a successful recovery program for drug and alcohol addictions. In 5 years, we have made 5000 necklaces using real Acorn caps with a note “Within every Acorn is the HOPE of a mighty oak”. They wear them as a symbol of hope as they complete the 6-9mo. Program. Your comments of hope will be so helpful to them! I am grateful to learn about your life. God has to be a part of this discovery and I give God the credit!! You have inspired me to wake up more today than yesterday!

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