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From Helpless to Harvard: Andre Norman’s story

“To love means loving the unlovable.

To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable.

Faith means believing the unbelievable.

Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”
― G.K. Chesterton

In a marketplace with so much negativity, so many challenges, so much friction and so much divisiveness, it’s common for many to feel despair for today and hopelessness for tomorrow. To combat that negativity, I want to share with you the life story of my good friend, Andre Norman.

His is the journey of a violent young man with no future and no self-worth being sent to prison for 25 years, then remarkably transforming into a man radically changed, released early and now traveling the world encouraging the marginalized to see the value within their life. Andre’s life story reveals many of the challenges within our current system, as well as reason for hope that it can be transformed into something far better.

Hope doesn’t ignore the difficulties you face. It just doesn’t let you give up in the face of them. [Click to tweet.]

My friends, watch this video.

As G.K. Chesterton reminds us, we are called to love the unlovable, forgive the unpardonable, have faith in the unbelievable and cling to hope even when everything seems hopeless.

Could there be a better time for us to live into this challenge than the days we currently reside? And could there be a better example of the life-giving effect of doing so than Andre Norman?

This remains your day. Live Inspired.

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This is a good story. I always wanted to create an agency which sole person was to help develop juveniles heading onto the wrong path. I would love to volunteer.

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