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Three Ways John O’Leary Can Help You Finish 2020 Strong

We’ve already experienced so much this year.

A global pandemic.

Intensifying recessionary pressures.

Protests and demands for social justice.

Working and leading and living in ways we never imagined.

It’s been a stunning, dramatic year… and yet, we’ve still got six months left! Many wish they could just cancel 2020, but instead let’s take what we’ve learned and use it as a springboard to ensure the best is yet to come for all of us.


(1) The value of being transparent, adaptable + steadfastly optimistic. Leading a business that can no longer rely on travel, large public events or live conferences, we pivoted into new opportunities virtually. With a devastating 94% of future speaking revenue erased as of early March, I challenged the team to reimagine what success might look like tomorrow. With a new vision cast and goals set – new opportunities appeared. This collective exercise allowed my team to pivot the majority of our business into serving clients through virtual experiences + online coaching this year. [Lead a team? Learn more about how we can end 2020 strong together here.]

(2) Reminding people that they matter is important. Oprah, Sir Richard Branson + Tony Robbins are looking over their shoulders at the competition fast approaching…

In all sincerity, I’m honored to have made the Real Leaders top 50 Speakers of 2020 List. Most are on it because THEY did great things; I’m on it because others did great things for me. You see, my life’s work is reminding friends, clients + communities of our opportunity to achieve real success by focusing on the impact we can make in striving for something far bigger than ourselves. Accepting this truth is critical as we move through these divisive, complicated, challenging … and yet hope-filled days, together.

(3). Everyone wants to hear that they have the power to unleash inspiration, meaning + joy during this chaotic time. I spent several years researching and writing a about why children are naturally vibrantly joyful, optimistic and alive, why we lose those traits as we age, and how it remains possible to return to them. IN AWE released in May, became an instant #1 national bestseller leading many to say it is the message we all need right now. Recognizing the need to not only write about this message, but to actually live it, we donated royalties from sales totaling $30,000 to support youth impacted by the economic fallout from the pandemic.
[Order copies + get the free reading guide here.]

It’s my great honor to call you my friend. I wish you and yours the very best during this season. And remember, the foundation remains firm, we are all in this together and the best is yet to come.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.
John O’Leary

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The words here are motivational but commonplace without the existence of the meaning and experience that bred them. I am truly touched

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