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Why the number 27,375 matters to achieving your success

John O’Leary shares how to achieve success by starting with the end in mind.

“Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.” – Muhammad Ali


I can’t get this number out of my mind. And I hope after reading this, you’ll find it equally convicting.

In partnering with organizations, I always begin our conversations with the end in mind. I want to understand what they consider a successful outcome and then determine together how we can create a program that ensures we live into it.

So I ask, “When our seminar or coaching program is completed, how will we know it was successful?”

Getting clear on the desired outcome allows us to think more creatively and collaboratively on how to successfully deliver content, create an experience and share a process that is transformational.

It must begin with the end in mind.

So back to the number 27,375 and what it means for you.

My friend, assuming a lifespan of 75 years, you can look forward to living 27,375 days.

If you’ve graduated high school, you’re down to 20,000. If you’re in your early 30s, you’ve got about 15,000 days left.  If you’re 60, a bit more than 5,000.

Personally, I am counting down from 11,680.

This ‘trivial exercise’ might be the push you need to start living your values and your best life.

For me, this is far from some trivial exercise. Being aware of how finite my life is isn’t depressing, but inspiring, convicting, and prods me daily to ensure my life is congruent with my personal values, passion and vocation.

With the end in mind, are you letting go of fear, being bold, radiating love and realizing the profound grandeur and goodness of this moment? Are you living in such a manner that both reflects your gratitude for what you already have and your passion to realize even bigger things going forward?

Why wait?

Why wait for the specter of Covid to finally depart to start celebrating the day? Why wait for the perfect time to begin the hobby, start the project, or tell them you’re sorry, you forgive her or you love him? Why wait for everything to line up better to begin living better professionally, relationally or personally?

You were born with 27,375 days to fully live. You’ve got far fewer than that now.

The meter is running, life is fragile, every single day matters, and you are a gift.

Perhaps it’s time to act like it.

This is your day. Live Inspired. 

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  1. Q. What is one of the most profound stories I've heard in regards to living your values, treating every day as a gift and perseverance in action?
    A. That would have to be that of Austin Hatch. The odds of surviving two plane crashes is over 11 quadrillion. Austin Hatch beat these odds. Despite losing the five people closest to him + suffering brain damage, he went on to play Division I basketball. Even more awe-inspiring? Today he declares: "I've only had two bad days in my life." If you could use a profound example of perseverance, this episode is for you. Listen here.
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    A. Check out our inspirational gifts in the shop.

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“What does success look like?”
Success for Ted Jones is launching my children on their journey of life. This starts when they are young, investing in their 27,375 days. The end goal is that I live a life that honors our God and live faithfully before him that my children will live faithfully as well. To serve those around us and share the love of God and hope of Jesus Christ.

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