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“During a period of personal heartache, professional adversity and societal upheaval, I’ve been encouraged by the words you speak, stories you share and impact your organization is part of. Thank you.” – Mark W., Live Inspired Together Community Member

Years ago our Live Inspired team went through the process of clarifying why we do the work we do, what we stand for, and what we hope to achieve through our efforts. In understanding the True North of our business and creating our manifesto, we became clear on what to say yes to, and what to say no to.

Let the Live Inspired Manifesto inform the spirit in which you live and work.

It’s why as a speaker, I’d board planes, drive through the night, check into hotels late, be the first one in an event space, visit with everyone after a presentation and be the last one to leave.

It’s why I spent years working on, elucidating and releasing the book On Fire.  And, seeing another mighty need to remind our community of the joyful gift of viewing life like a child, it’s why last year we released In Awe.

It’s why we created, produced and have grown the Live Inspired Podcast into one of the most listened to and top-rated shows in a wildly growing marketplace.

It’s why we shifted to virtual seminars during a pandemic, expanded our coaching when clients shared the struggles facing their employees and respond to individuals who take time to share their questions, struggles or needs.

It is why the content we’re creating during a pandemic, in the midst of a divisive political season and with profound societal changes, continues to be life-giving, unifying, and hope-filled.

Our Live Inspired Manifesto informs the spirit and the heart with which we do life and work every day. I shared it when we created it and today – I am sharing it again. In these complex days, I hope it inspires you to remain ferociously optimistic about your life and that you’ll consider actively engaging in our community so we can live it.

Live Inspired Together Manifesto:

We believe…

…a single spark can ignite a mighty movement
…in the profound value of each one of our lives – and the limitless potential within them.
…each one of us has a unique calling to discern, a mission to embrace, and a purpose to live.
…every one of us has a story, it’s generally not the one we’re telling the world, but it is indeed worthy of embracing
…that the mundane, isn’t; that good enough, isn’t; and that getting by, isn’t
…that just because something hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done
…that we get to live by choice, not by chance.
…that nothing is more wasteful than wasting away our lives in apathy, shame or regret.
…that the end of formal education doesn’t mean we’re done growing in the classroom of life
…mistakes aren’t final, incremental change is transformative and human potential is intended to be unleashed
…so strongly in our opinions, beliefs and values that we are willing to actually listen, learn from and connect with those with whom we differ
…in fighting for things we know matter and surrendering to things we can’t control
…in the power of love, the gift of grace, the promise of tomorrow and the miracle of the moment
…that while challenges may be part of life, we can indeed rise up, strive forward, and live into the truth that the best is yet to come as we Live Inspired Together.

That’s our manifesto.

It informs how we treat ourselves, connect with coworkers, serve our clients and love our community. It’s what we stand for, what we believe and what we know matters. It helps us live inspired today and elevates our potential impact for tomorrow.

I hope our manifesto empowers you, enlightens your spirit, refocuses you on what is important and helps you take your next right step.

Hope is not a plan; use this manifesto to live your best life.

But hope is not a plan, is it? That is why we are going to start gathering once a month, so we can support each other in living this manifesto.

So beginning this Saturday, March 27th from 9 – 9:30 AM CT, join me and our community for a webcast! Add it to your calendar:

Add to Calendar

Or, at the time of the event simply go to my page on your favorite social site Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

This will be an interactive experience, the content will be inspirational, actionable and a wonderful way to invest 30 minutes of your Saturday morning discussing with our Live Inspired Together: “Living Your Bucket List.”

Can’t wait to see you Saturday.

Get excited. You’ll be joining a community of friends and changing the world together. Starting with their own.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

John O’Leary

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