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John O’Leary reflects on Seth Godin’s desire to “make a ruckus” and how to do so by doing little things, consistently well, to benefit others.

“How do you want to be remembered?”

That was the question I asked a recent guest on our Live Inspired Podcast.

Seth Godin is one of the greatest marketers, thought leaders and influencers of our time. He has shaped entire markets and the manner in which we communicate with one another today. At a more personal level, he has profoundly influenced and amplified my work.

So how does a person like Seth – with more than 20 international best-selling books, millions of dollars, global respect and admiration from his peers, a massive, loyal online following, two children who honor him, and a wife he still adores 35 years into their marriage – want to be remembered?

How Seth Godin wants to be remembered and what that means for how he lives today.

Seth replied he wants to be remembered as someone who ‘made a ruckus.’

He then elaborated on what it means to make a ruckus:

‘To shine a light; do generous, remarkable work; teach people to teach other people; and leave things better than they found them.’

[The entire conversation with Seth was remarkable. I strongly encourage you to check it out to be inspired to make a ruckus in your life, too.]

So, how can we make a ruckus?

Turns out it isn’t about doing the big things. Making a ruckus is really about doing little things, consistently well. It’s about using your talents in ways that amplify others. It’s about staying motivated to do just that. I want to share with you a framed poem I recently saw on my friend’s desk.  I think it could be a tool to help you stay motivated to be a ruckus maker, think about how you want to be remembered and most importantly: Actually show up for others in ways that matter to them:

This poem will motivate you to do little things, consistently well, to benefit others.

One day, when you are in Heaven,

someone will come up to you and thank you

for the way you touched his or her life.

The person’s words will take you completely by surprise.

Soon, another person will seek you out,

and then another, and another.

As you listen to each one’s story,

you will begin to discover all the ways that God used your life

when you were unaware of it.

You will find that it was most often not through the big things that you did,

but through the small and simple things:

a spoken word that was not planned,

a spontaneous act of kindness,

a loving attitude,

or a caring smile.

To your joy, you will discover that in all these ways and more,

God used you to deposit an eternal measure of His love

into many needy hearts.

– Anonymous

My friends, want to make a ruckus through your life?

Today, don’t underestimate the power of small and simple things, done well. Remember the influence of a simple spoken word shared in love. Embrace the transformative nature within a spontaneous act of kindness, a loving attitude or a caring smile.

All little things that are certain to elevate your day. And those lucky enough to be part of it.

Let the ruckus begin.

This is your day.  Live Inspired.  J

1 reply on “Let the Ruckus Begin”

Amazing! I am continually amazed with the growth your interview, conversation brings!
This one is remarkable for many reasons and I found myself promoting it in all my personal connections this past weeks. I found ways to spread the words I heard on this pod cast at my company’s team meeting celebrating nurses, counseling a friend, a soccer game, live band concert, lacrosse game, Mizzou live graduation gathering, neighborhood fun, a company live trivia event, Sunday mass, a baptism and then Mother’s Day dinner. And this is all this past weekend since the pod cast aired. It has been amazing! Thank you for continuing your delivery of inspirational fire! It keeps me moving forward!!

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