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But there’s ONE number that matters most.

As we head toward the end of December and put a bow not only on Christmas presents, but on 2022, it’s wise to be a bit reflective about the year we’re concluding to ready us for the one we’re about to begin.

And although there are many ways to summarize a year, we wanted to share a few numbers that mattered most to us as we conclude 2022.

And to thank you for being part of it.

A friend involved in a car accident several years ago once shared that he’d do anything to have the joy of being able to move his legs and walk again. He looked at me sternly and challenged me to never take for granted the gifts of life – in particular the gift of walking. Last year, I took 2,737,500 steps. Grateful for each one.

Over the past couple years, Covid has brought profound struggles and challenges in all of our lives. We lost friends and family members to the disease. We were unable to visit friends in hospitals or retirement homes. Our children weren’t able to go to school. Entire industries were ravaged and perhaps none more than travel and conferences. When Covid began, it totally shut down all the typical travel related to my speaking engagements, and it was slow to recover. But in 2022, I had the pleasure of traveling to several countries, visiting 28 states, speaking in-person more than 75 different times and flying 124,000+ miles. My favorite city remains St. Louis, but it was an honor and a joy to travel the world again, observe the beauty of creation and visit with friends.

Virtual events can be powerful as we quickly bring people together, communicate messages, and get everyone on the same page. We were fortunate to present at dozens of events virtually with many thousands of new friends. And yet, there is something about being physically with people, shaking hands, hugging, hearing stories, crying together, laughing together and doing life together that is vitally important as humans. This year I had the honor of speaking live and meeting afterwards more than 25,000 people. Each handshake, every hug, and all the stories moved me deeply and remain with me.

There is so much negativity, divisiveness and cynicism in the marketplace today. We strive to push through that with a radically different message, and through the power of technology, to influence lives around the world. Between the tweets and posts and podcasts and social media and newsletters, we’ve been able to provide positive impressions and encouragement to more than 12,000,000 people in 50 states and 160 countries. Unbelievable!

All the numbers above I celebrate, but this one I mourn. While cleaning up my contact list in my phone, this number startled me. I have 14 contacts in my phone who have passed away. My Grandfather. Grandma. Father-in-law. Godfather. An Uncle. Two Aunts. A few friends, a couple of clients and a doctor. They remain influential in my life. And remain in my contact list.

I love this number. Much of the work we do requires me in a studio or the office or on the road. And yet the reason I strive professionally to positively change the world is to make that world a little better for the people I come home to. My wife Beth and our kids Jack, Patrick, Henry and Grace inform both the drive to make things better as well as the desire to race back to them each day.

A girls’ trip taken by my mother and her four daughters in November meant Dad, who is homebound with Parkinson’s disease, would require a companion for the weekend. It was treasured time with my dad who in spite of all his struggles remains a constant source of joy and humor. And last year I sought to be more engaged with the two people who raised me, love me and continue to profoundly inspire me: my parents. They are steadfast reminders of the power of hope in the midst of despair, humor in the midst of struggle and faith in the midst of the storm.

Sometimes we get lost in the bigger numbers. Whether it’s a big financial goal or number of online followers or some other measurement of success, the number one reminds us what matters most. We have one life to live and must act like it matters. We live it one day at a time and shouldn’t waste a single one. We influence change in the world one person at a time and our individual lives matter. And from my faith perspective, I’m reminded that I have one God guiding all these miles flown, steps taken and words spoken. Somehow the Author of Life loves us individually and calls us to reflect that perfect love. We should strive to do so.

My friends, regardless the numbers you use to track this past year, or the numbers you use advancing into 2023, know that your life matters. And know that you being part of our community, part of our work and part of our lives matters to us.

We are grateful for you and your life.

We are here for you if we can ever serve you.

And we love you, and no, there is nothing you can do about it.

This is your ONE day. Live Inspired.

John O’Leary and the Live Inspired Team

13 replies on “In Awe of Some 2022 Numbers”

Many thanks to you and your team for reminding me to “live inspired”! I try to pass along the inspiration to my family, friends, and the students that I teach.

Again, thank you, John and your loving Family in inspiring me and my family’s lives as we walk Home to our Father. May the gift of His Son always be the present 🎁 in our lives that gives us Hope 🕊

Thank you for your faithful witness and encouragement by not only your words – but by how you live your life.
I enjoy seeing you around the neighborhood.

Always inspiring John so grateful to know you and receive your love and grace. Wishing you and your family all God’s grace during this special season.

John, I found you this year via Ed Mylett and I am truly grateful that you came into my life. You are a gift to the world and inspire us all with your message. I know you are spreading the word that life happens for us and you have truly embraced all of your challenges. As a retired police officer, I have seen a few tragic incidents in my 25 years of service. We even survived our own house fire but your attitude of gratitude is heartwarming. Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do!

Beautifully written. So many of life’s numbers we take for granted – but none of them are unlimited. We only get so many steps, so many breaths, so many heartbeats. Living in the now with gratitude to God for each number He’s given us is a goal worth pursuing! Many blessings to you in 2023!

Beautifully written John! A belated Merry Christmas to you and your family! Here’s to you and great joy in the year ahead! We appreciate you brother!

One very important number for me this year: 615. Episode 615 on The Good Life Project podcast led me to you, John O’Leary and you have had such a meaningful impact on my life ever since. I have not yet had the honor of attending a live event, but I listen and read your messages weekly. You have strengthened my faith in God, my faith in humanity and my faith in my self. These two little words don’t seem sufficient, but…thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wow John, you are and continue to be such an inspiration to everyone. I love reading your motivational messages but today is one that I will be putting in my JOHN O’LEARY folder. You spoke at a Vistage Group that I attended in Nashville in around 2007 and it was a meeting that I’ll never forget. I’ve followed you ever since. You talked to us and told us to ask others “what more can I do”. It stuck with me and it is part on how I think every day. Thank you for all you do, thank you for making a difference in people’s lives!!

I sent you a copy of my book and my story in April of this year. I would love to hear from you about my story. I was so touched by your story at The Beryl Institute Elevate PX. I won the patient and family innovation award at that conference and started me back doing in person presentations. Hope we will be able to connect sometime.

Thank you for your perspective on your year! Indeed, a lot to celebrate, but I agreed that your One is what makes you so effective at what you do! Blessings on you and your family for 2023!

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