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A night of inspiration that will leave you On Fire For Good.

“All the beauty that’s been lost before wants to find us again.” -U2

As a high school freshman, I’d never been to a concert and never understood why people would take their hard-earned money from cutting grass to attend one. With a band from Ireland coming to St. Louis, my sister Amy encouraged me to attend with her.  After some push back from me, she finally said, “John, it’s going to rock. You’ll love it. Come and see.” 

Surrounded by 56,000 fellow background singers belting every lyric with Bono, I realized Amy was right. There is something remarkable about U2, about live music, and about shared experience with friends.

As a college freshman playing NHL95 in a dorm, my roommate, John Jackson, encouraged me to go with him to a fraternity rush party. Content to stay in my room and improve my gaming skills, I told him I wasn’t going. John walked over to the television, turned it off and told me I was going. He added, “Besides, the guys are great. You’ll have a blast. Come and see.”

I ended up pledging that fraternity, became lifelong friends with those guys, and grew in confidence during those years. And at one of the fraternity parties, I even met a beautiful brunette named Beth. Turns out my buddy John was right.

As a parent of three boys under five while maintaining a travel-intensive speaking schedule, I found myself meandering a bit in my spiritual journey. Several men I barely knew encouraged me to check out a weekend ACTS retreat to recenter my faith. One of them, Glenn Fox, wrote a two-page letter and ended it by reminding me “In the midst of the busyness of your life, come join us to be reminded of what matters most. You’ll be glad you did. Come and see.”

That weekend, and the more than 10 ACTS weekends I’ve participated in subsequently, rooted me in my faith, provided clarity professionally, and elevated my focus as a husband and father. It also blessed me with an incredible network of guys I love.

Why share these stories with you?

Well, my friends, after years of traveling, hundreds of podcast interviews, and innumerable impromptu conversations on airplanes, I’ve met some of the most remarkably talented and inspirational people in the world. I’ve heard life stories that filled me with hope and reminded me we all have the potential to be used for good.

To ensure we kick off the upcoming holiday season right, I’m hosting a live event that you can attend in my hometown of St. Louis or stream virtually anywhere around the world. The evening will be part storytelling, part concert, and all heart. It will bring together the very best of those I’ve met on one stage to remind the rest of us of our ability to positively change the world — starting with our own.

This experience, On Fire For Good, will fill your heart with gratitude, prepare you for the coming holiday season, and remind you that your best is yet to come.  We want you to share it with us.

Not sure if you can make it?  Not sure it will be worth your time? Not sure if the message will resonate with you?  Not sure if you’ll be back from your black Friday shopping spree?

Come and see.

My friends, in the busyness of the holiday season and the chaotic nature of our lives, this experience will remind you what matters most, reinforce the beauty of your story, and absolutely set you On Fire For Good. Join me the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25th, at 7 p.m. either in our live audience in St. Louis or our virtual audience by livestreaming wherever you are that night.

It will be an evening of inspiration, celebration, and community.

Come as you are. Leave On Fire For Good.

I can’t wait to see you there.

13 replies on “Come and See”

I cannot be in crowds due to cancer treatment but would love to join in the livestream. How do I do that? Thank you for posting this!

Sounds like a wonderful thing to do on the weekend where we come together to be thankful. I am going to book the event on my calendar now

We’re so excited you’ll join us Dave! Thanks for penciling us in. You won’t be sorry you made time that weekend to get On Fire For Good!

I would really love to listen to this on livestream. I will not be in the state on this day as I am in Florida for the winter. How can I find out about the livestream?

I loved that you said “yes” to your friends and it changed your life for the better in very important ways. I loved the ACTS retreat, too. It solidified my relationship with God when I had doubts about my faith. I am so grateful. I will try my very best to be a part of your event. I no longer live in St. Louis, but so glad you have a virtual option. Thank you, John, once again for touching my heart.

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