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A celebration of last Saturday night and excitement for what’s to come.

Regardless of where the event is, how large the group is, or what the makeup of the crowd is, I love the audiences we get to serve.

By the end of our brief time together, there is always a connection, always a bond. That shared experience and exchange of energy is what makes this work truly life-giving. It’s also why I leave each room with more friends than when I walked in.

So to describe the feeling I had this weekend taking the stage at On Fire For Good, looking out at an audience that I ALREADY know and love as friends, and knowing that thousands more were watching from their own homes (enough to freakin’ break the internet!) is difficult to put into words. But I’ll try.

  • I glimpsed siblings that traveled to support me (even though I told them not to).
  • I saw dear friends I’ve known for decades.
  • Families I’ve bonded with by raising our kids together.
  • Neighbors that will never truly know how much they’ve mattered to me.
  • Past audience members who have become true friends.
  • Clients that have become confidants.

It was emotional. It was humbling. And it was validation.

Validation of what I’ve talked about from the stage and the message I’ve written about, podcasted about and that will soon be the emotional center of a full-length feature film: That we can all—every single one of us–be used for good.

I didn’t come to this realization as a giver of support, but rather the recipient of it.

As a broken little boy, I received love I could never repay; as a struggling young person, support I could never have imagined; and as a man in a world that seems desperate to divide and demoralize, encouragement to keep going.

Little by little, difficulty by difficulty, I witnessed the profound effect of sacrifice, faithfulness, commitment, and selfless love. Tiny deeds and giant gestures modeled by others literally saved my life.

I will never tire of telling the story of how people have shown up for me. Nor will I tire of hearing from others about the ones who did the same for them.

It’s why we hosted the event Saturday night. Not merely to feel the creative rush of starting something from nothing or simply to kick off the holiday season feeling something other than drained or even just to give you something fun to do on a Saturday night. (Although we did accomplish all those things in the process!).

We hosted this event because we wanted to manifest a version of a world where the individuals who have shown up for YOU are celebrated like the Jack freakin’ Bucks they are. And we want to do it with you.

We have so much more to share with you about how you can help us do just that in 2024. But for now, I’ll say this. Take a deep breath and get ready. If Saturday night was a spark, the months ahead will be fireworks. On Fire For Good and On Fire the movie launch with one mission in mind: to remind others of the power to positively change lives, starting with their own.

If you were there in the room with us at the first ever On Fire For Good, know I’ll always be grateful seeing you smiling back at me. If you watched online, know that the idea that we brought love and light into your home brings us more gratitude than you will ever know. And if you weren’t able to join, know that you’ll have an opportunity to experience it soon.

Friends, I love you and there is nothing you can do about it. Let’s continue the work of reminding the world that the most powerful weapon on earth is the human spirit on fire.

I’m On Fire For Good. Are you?

10 replies on “Are You On Fire For Good?”

John, I enjoyed the event immensely, you are very inspirational and encourage us to be inspirational to others. What happened to you was horrendous and I can’t imagine how you struggled as a boy to get through not only the physical pain but the mental pain as well. I could see that family and friends helped you along the way, but know that you have left a gift of a lifetime to all of us. bless you

On Fire !!! Even online the energy came through the screen! Amazing event and I love the commitment to use it as a springboard to 2024. Thank you John, Meredith and all that made it happen.

On Fire For Good was so uplifting and inspirational. What a wonderful way to start the Christmas season by reminding us of the important part of life, giving of ourselves. Spread the love and support to others. It always comes back to you more than you can imagine.

Will a recording be available? I tried to join the livestream last minute (my schedule was fluid) but the ticket sales had already ended. I’m sure it was fantastic!!

Thank you for recognizing Jim’s 10 years of being cancer-free. He is not one to be in the spotlight, so it was perfect that you gave him my last name so he could stay somewhat anonymous. We will be popping the champagne at our party this weekend…hope you can join us.

Congratulations to Jim! So glad you could be at the event and be celebrated. As a 17 year survivor I know the importance of that 10-year milestone. Cheers to many many more years 🙂

So timely reminder that we are LOVED no matter what. Thoroughly enjoyed the guests and songs. May GOD bless and keep you all the days of your lives

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