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What Are You Wishing For This Holiday Season?

HINT: The things that really matter aren’t bought in stores or wrapped in paper.

“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” -Dalai Lama

What are you wishing for?

It’s a question many of us ask our children this time of year.

But what if the question was asked of you? What if you could arrange a one-to-one meeting with Santa? What would you wish for?

Near the end of a tumultuous year for so many around the world and in the midst of an array of personal challenges so many face, I was reminded of a remarkable little boy’s answer to that question. Let me explain.

After speaking at a medical conference, a pediatric oncologist approached, gave me a big hug and shared the impact of the presentation on her.

She shared that in the busyness of work and with the endless demands of life, she’d simply forgotten how profoundly important her work was.

The keynote reminded her that her work mattered and just how much she loved the people she served. I asked her to share her favorite work experience.

She hesitated… became visibly emotional… before sharing the story of an eight-year-old patient.

The doctor had gotten to know the boy and his family over the months of his battle with cancer. It was a battle he’d bravely fought. And it was one he no longer was capable of continuing.

There was a special day when a representative of Make-A-Wish, the beautiful people who make sick children’s dreams come true, came into his room. Many kids wish for a trip to Disney World or to meet a professional athlete or a ride on a fire truck.

The representative explained that whatever he wished for, it would be her job to do whatever she could to grant it. His brown eyes lit up and he smiled broadly.

“So,” she asked, “What do you wish for?”

He looked around the room, at his parents, then back to the woman. He motioned for her to come closer. She bent down. He stood on his tippy toes, leaned towards her and whispered: “My parents don’t know how sick I am. They don’t know I am dying.”

There was a pause as he looked over at his parents to make sure they weren’t listening, and then, “My wish is for them to be at peace when I am gone.”

The representative had come prepared to grant any wish the little patient had requested. She left that visit aware and crushed that even with their mighty resources, there was nothing she could do to grant this one.

So, what’s your wish?

My friends, we typically wish for things that might improve us. Better health. Newer jacket. Updated phone. Cool new gadgets.

While none of these are bad, how might our lives elevate if we focused less on what we might get out of something, and far more on investing to make something better for others?

How might we embrace the promise of this holiday season in recognizing it’s not about what we get for ourselves, but how we better those we encounter?

And how might the final wish of a little boy, one of peace for his family, remind us all what we should be hoping for and striving to deliver to others, not merely over the holidays, but always?

Today, slow down.

Let go of the things you can’t control, be grateful for what you already have and wish for the peace to continue boldly. No, it won’t alleviate the challenges you face, but will provide the courage to continue forward, the faith that there is reason for hope, and the conviction that better days are yet to come.

This is your day. Live Inspired.

10 replies on “What Are You Wishing For This Holiday Season?”

My whole body is covered with chills as I read the loving advice that is being given.
May God grant all who suffer with great loss
His peace and comfort.

Wow! Thank you for this reminder!
My family is dealing with some pretty heavy things right now but what a great reminder to slow down and take things as they come. We need to rely on God and the faith, hope and endurance He provides.

What a beautiful message. I needed this today. Today I was able to really hear this message in a way that I may not have been able to hear it before. Thank you for sharing your heart and words of wisdom. I am beyond grateful.

To Judith and Cathy,

I saw this message the other day and saved it so I could share with others as needed.

When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them but to live with the love they left behind.

Gods Blessing to both of you!

This message has hit home for me as I lost my sweet man on November 17th. I am a witness that peace is something that can be obtained and that dear people that you may not even know show such compassion and selfless acts of kindness to make someone else feel loved and well taken care of. I have been able to give back to this amazing community of my one person at a time. The Father has given me peace and I know that he is with me and knows my needs by his earthly angels. In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us everyone”. Merry Christmas to all!

This really brought tears to my eyes. How selfless that boy was to want peace for his parents after his death. It’s a beautiful thing!! I am so sure that he is their Guardian Angel now.

My son committed suicide a few weeks ago and every day I pray for peace for all of us and comfort. I know this would be his wish as well but it is very difficult to make that happen.

Hi Judith, my sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I can only image the pain and agony of the loss you are dealing with. I will be keeping you and your son in my prayers this holiday season. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your son’s name? I will pray for peace and comfort for all of you.

Prayers for you and your family. My sister committed suicide years ago, I wanted the world to stop even for just a moment, but it keeps spinning and you have to keep putting one foot in front of another. I would get on my knees and cry and pray and then hand it back to God because I was crying for me and for my loss. She was in heaven. After a little while I realized that sometimes people are in such pain (emotional) that maybe ~ God just needs to take them home and care for them there.
May God Bless and care for you Judith, may He fill your heart with loving memories that bring joy.

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