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Why we shouldn’t wake up from accidental living.

For more than two decades, I’ve written, shared and spoken about the joy of living a radically inspired life. And I’ve shared stories of people who are On Fire For Good, who want their lives to matter, their families to thrive and their communities to prosper.

Recently, though, I realized I’ve been neglecting a far larger audience.  We’ve created far too few resources for my friends on the opposite end of the spectrum. We’ve ignored the friends who have decided that an inspired life just isn’t for them. The individuals seeking a monotonous, humdrum, uninspired life.

Choosing to ignore them no longer, I’ve assembled a list of tips to ensure they are liberated to follow their dreams of living the uninspired life they desire. Here are my three best tips to help those interested in achieving uninspired living:

1.Scroll your phone and turn on the news…constantly.

The average American spends slightly more than seven hours each day on technology.  That leaves several more hours each day to be on screen. It’s a massive, totally untapped opportunity to remain adrift.

So, with the 24-hour news cycle blaring how lousy the world is and social media further dividing, we should strive to spend far more time glued to our phones, TVs and laptops. Take in all the bad that exists. Hate and resent people who think, act and worship differently than we do. Believe the rhetoric that no point in history has been as miserable to live in as these days. Life’s too short to not be pessimistic.

2.Put on those masks.

Although all great spiritual teachers remind us of the precious value within each moment, the importance of recognizing the dignity of our lives, and the profound blessing of leading authentic lives, what do they really know?

My recommendation is to mold our words, our opinions and even our appearance to fit whatever room we’re in. Hide our most authentic selves. Pretend to be who we’re not. Do what is popular and be who everyone wants us to be. Don’t just dress up and wear masks on Halloween; wear them every day!

3.Comparison brings us joy.

Most experts in emotional health strongly encourage us to stop comparing ourselves to others. Their research clearly points out the negative consequences that come with living our lives in perpetual comparison to others.

Again, why believe decades of research from some of the brightest minds in this space? Rather than comparing yourself each day with who you are, who you were and who you could become, take the easier route: compare yourself to the man next door, the woman on TV, the leader down the hall, the total stranger on social media. Strive for their bigger house, their smarter kid, their fuller social calendar, their army of online followers.

So, there you have it, my friends. My best advice for those of us less interested in waking up from accidental living and more interested in staying asleep.

Today is your day.

In fact, it’s April Fools Day! 🙂

And since I know those of you reading this aren’t seeking the uninspired life, do the exact opposite of everything you just read above.

And Live Inspired.

10 replies on “Three Tips to Live an Uninspired Life”

Hi John, and best regards to Beth and the kiddos. 47 years ago today
the dear Dad of Cardinal Tim Dolan passed away suddenly. It was a cruel April fools day! Bob’s spirit, hard work, family values, and love of life continues to inspire yours truly. Bob did indeed do the opposite of your “reverse message” of today, and continues to do so. I plan to share an April Fools tradition with “Timmer” this morning if only to share a bit of inspiration! Can’t wait!

😀😂🤣YOU are an amazing man! & clever too I see!
May you & your family have a joyous spring/summer season!!

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