Get John’s essays about reflections from his own day-to-day life and stories from guest authors in this weekly series that sparks positivity and productivity for the coming week.


John O’Leary shares about a cherished, irreplaceable colleague and reminds us that leaders impact most by showing others they matter. irreplaceable adj. incapable of being replaced, totally unique; impossible to replace if lost or damaged. To positively impact more…
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The Gift of Silence

John O’Leary shares the gift he found in the silence after losing his voice to laryngitis and what it taught him about relationship. Nearing the end of a hectic week of speaking events, it was obvious I was getting…
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That’s What Family Does

John shares how to identify family when everything falls apart. “When everything falls apart, the people who stand by you without flinching, they are your family.” – Jim  Butcher Ten days ago one of my nephews came down with…
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