Get John’s essays about reflections from his own day-to-day life and stories from guest authors in this weekly series that sparks positivity and productivity for the coming week.

Count Your Days

John O’Leary shares how to live better by counting your days. “The very thing you take for granted, others are praying for.” – Marlan Rico Lee I used to be a huge procrastinator. Not just a motto, but a…
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Support the Caregivers

John O’Leary celebrates two caregivers, his mom and Live Inspired Podcast guest Richard Lui, and identifies how to celebrate their work. “Commitment is an act, not a word.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre We all understand the need to be fully…
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Let the Ruckus Begin

John O’Leary reflects on Seth Godin’s desire to “make a ruckus” and how to do so by doing little things, consistently well, to benefit others. “How do you want to be remembered?” That was the question I asked a…
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