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Keeping Promises

How to embrace accountability after making mistakes. Sometimes the moments when we disappoint those we cherish the most can teach us the significance and value of keeping our word. The death of my beloved grandmother, a mistake I made…
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Come and See

A night of inspiration that will leave you On Fire For Good. “All the beauty that’s been lost before wants to find us again.” -U2 As a high school freshman, I’d never been to a concert and never understood…
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Will You Reach Out in Love?

Great things happen when you approach others with an open embrace. At age 10, a painful experience revealed how broken, disabled, and imperfect I was. A conversation with my mother afterward, though, challenged me to never believe lies that…
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Ripple Effects of Love

Our magnificent power to influence change for good. “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects that change the world” -Dalai Lama A small drip…
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