Get John’s essays about reflections from his own day-to-day life and stories from guest authors in this weekly series that sparks positivity and productivity for the coming week.

Growing Wings

How we’ll embrace and celebrate metamorphosis in 2024. “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” -Richard Bach Turning the calendar from December to January is supposed to usher in new hope, goals,…
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Your Work Matters!

A voice from the past reminds John of the power of one. Do you ever have days where you ask yourself the self-defeating question: Why do I even bother? Sure, sometimes it’s asked in different ways- Do I matter?…
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Bill Courtney

Are You a Turkey Person?

The importance of showing up CONSISTENTLY with our generosity. Are you a turkey person? And no, I’m not talking about the makeup of your Thanksgiving dinner plate this week. I’m talking about a question that when asked the first…
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John O'Leary, Jack O'Leary and Beth O'Leary

Saying Yes

Creating memories with little ones that will last a lifetime. Each year, my four children join their dad for one-to-one time on a work trip. It’s sacred time we get to spend together and is affectionately known as their…
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Be Yourself. Be Perfectly You.

My new friend James McCracken drops these words of wisdom. It’s been a seven-year journey. Constant challenges and significant setbacks. An amazing community of friends showing up right on time with their financial investments, their connections, their ideas, their…
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