Monday Motivation

How Shall We Live?

Let’s celebrate those we’ve lost by living passionately alive. “Death is the destiny of everyone; and the living must take this to heart.” Ecclesiastes As an awkward St. Louis University freshman, with few friends on campus and little idea…
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Making Things Worse

The five phrases we should stop using during disagreements. “Out of difference can come the reinforcement of two important values. One is tolerance and the other is awareness that people who disagree over the things they hold dear really…
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I Shall Use My Time

How the latest James Bond film reminds us to harness the best of life. After finishing dinner last Sunday, the boys asked if we could all see a movie. They knew their grandpa wanted to see the new James…
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Let’s Have a Discussion

How loving, open-minded conversations about faith can benefit us all. “Conversation means being able to disagree and still continue the discussion.”  ― Dwight MacDonald I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of the most remarkable speakers in the world…
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Embrace the Unknown

The problem with forecasts Four years ago, the city of St. Louis braced for a massive winter snowstorm. With a cold front advancing from the north, and a substantial line of powerful storms approaching from the south, a mighty…
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joyful woman

Seeking a State of Joy

Why happiness shouldn’t be our goal “If you give me your phone, I’ll be happy.” Looking up at me with his blonde hair swooping across his forehead and his blue eyes radiating light, my youngest son Henry shared the…
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Dennis Gillan and mental health

What Makes Us Human

Dennis Gillan shines a light on mental health. When fires ignite, cancers attack, or tragedies strike, we lean into our community for support, prayers and love. But often when the invisible challenges of depression, bipolar disorder, or mental illness…
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The Real Work

John O’Leary helps us identify what matters most. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a sold-out event, in a magnificent room, with contagiously passionate energy exuding from all those gathered. The audience was so enthusiastic…
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