Live Inspired Coaching

Transform your work and life with John’s inspiration

paired with personal follow up + accountability.

What if you could:

Effectively re-engage your team.

Empower your team to achieve greater work-life balance.

Have support to lighten the emotional toll of leading through complicated times.

Unify your team by increasing morale, creativity + joy.

Galvanize your team by clarifying what personal and professional success looks like today.

Help your team imagine what remains possible + build a mindset and roadmap to make it a reality.

The Live Inspired Coaching program is designed to help you do exactly this. Through our exclusive, personalized and unmatched process, we lead our clients + their teams through our framework built on inspiration, personal leadership principles and individualized accountability plans.

The Results

By focusing on empowering individuals to stay in their circle and take the next right step for continual improvement each day, our participants are healthier, happier and more joyful. They feel empowered, clearer on where they are going, and confident that their best is yet to come. Greater effectiveness as individuals leads directly to increased success professionally. Specifically:

  • A wealth management client tripled their Assets Under Management in one year.
  • A sports training firm saw a 76% increase in their revenue year over year.
  • A media channel partnered with us to clarify and elevate their revenue goals for the year, and then surpassed the stretch goal by 109%.
  • An underperforming school ranking last among their peers became a top-ten high performing school in the state in just 24 months.

Perhaps most remarkable are the personal outcomes shared with us from individual participants, including:

“This experience has meant more to me than you’ll ever know. These are strange times and having a voice of positivity made a big difference for me. I will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. Thanks for everything.” – Curtis

“It’s been great having the ‘personal touch’ from my coach! John is a great speaker and coach has been wonderful keeping it going throughout the week.” – Debbie

“Thanks for pushing me to set a clear and measurable goal last month. My sleep has been way better and I know it was because I made it a priority. I’m even working out and reading more now that I have a routine.” – Daniel

“I could go on and on with how you’ve contributed to my success so far, and what I believe will be a life lived on fire, in awe and intentionally and free of alcohol… John would send a note, then Matt would jump in proactively reaching out and asking how I am doing and how he can help. Many months and texts later, he has been by my side with support, guidance, counsel and a listening ear. It has been a huge help.” – K2

The Process

Step #1: Regroup, refuel.

Monthly virtual sessions with John and your Live Inspired Coach.

Your virtual sessions will empower your leaders to effectively manage time, focus on what matters most and let go of what they can’t control in order to achieve greater success personally and professionally. Each session is crafted specifically for your team and your goals.

Step #2: Measurable growth.

Weekly personal follow up from your Live Inspired Coach.

Leaders are busy. You have the best of intentions, yet at times the urgent distracts from the important. After the monthly session, your coach will connect personally with each participant to reinforce the message. You’ll feel your coach’s sincere care as (s)he instigates action and ensures achievement. This aspect of the program sets us apart and is truly transformative.

Step #3: Direct access to Coach.

Individualized, one-to-one coaching sessions as needed.

Occasionally after viewing John’s inspiration or completing the Coach’s challenge to actualize it, participants recognize they are being held back by limiting beliefs, a lack of focus, or simply because they need to be fueled up. Our Coaches make themselves available for 1:1 meetings as requested. Virtually or by phone, the Coach helps the participant clarify their focus, stay in their circe, and take the next right step towards personal and professional growth.

Find out what Live Inspired Coaching could mean for your organization today.

The Live Inspired Coaching program is expandable and adaptable to meet your needs. Whatever your need, wherever you are – we’re here to help you do simple better.

If you’d like your team to be more resilient, lead more effectively, focus on what they can control, let go of what they can’t and fundamentally transform their lives, then take the first step: Learn more about Live Inspired Coaching today.

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