Inspiring transformation so you can stay in your circle,
do simple better and take the right step into your best life.

With the dynamic speed of change in the marketplace today and the complexity of doing exceptional work during extraordinarily difficult times, a majority of our clients and their teams report:

  • Increased burnout and exhaustion
  • Virtual work fatigue
  • Lack of balance, fading optimism and loss of passion
  • Struggles with their mental health and professional engagement
If 2020 taught us anything, it is this: It is impossible for individuals to perform at a peak level professionally when they feel unmoored by challenges personally, physically disconnected from colleagues and apprehensive about their future.

LeaderClass is designed to expand your participants’ resilience to navigate their challenges by shifting their focus to what they can control and the opportunities they can leverage. This shift in mindset empowers them to scale their effectiveness by taking deliberate, daily actions to ensure their best days, personally and professionally, remain ahead.

In a marketplace with so much negativity and background noise vying for attention, our participants get focused, let go of distractions and achieve big results… together.

The Process

Step #1: Reflection

Your preprogram assessment will give you time to reflect and regroup on where you are now and allow the Live Inspired team to gain insight on your industry, unique goals, challenges and opportunities in order to customize your program launch.

Ongoing reflection and communication will enable the Live Inspired team to continue to custom build your program to meet your evolving opportunities, challenges and needs.

Step #2: Discussion

Establishing the right group dynamic is essential to successful outcomes. To ensure we get it right, our Live Inspired Coach will host monthly virtual roundtable discussions for groups of 12 or fewer. (S)he will facilitate personal sharing, foster group collaboration + offer actionable insights.

  • Discussion will begin with delivery on a topic (that aligns with your needs) by John O’Leary or a visiting thought leader such as Jon Gordon, Natalie Nixon or Brené Brown.
  • Progressive layering of content month to month expands capacity for effectiveness.
  • Sessions are held via Zoom for 90-minutes with an optional 30-minute Q&A after.

Step #3: Coaching

The group roundtable discussions conclude with clear takeaways, individual commitments and one daily action to ensure intentional growth. This is then used to fuel monthly one-to-one coaching.

  • Custom check-ins for each leader with a Live Inspired Coach. Personal accountability promotes deeper belief, action and achievement personally and professionally.
  • Sessions are 15 minutes and held via Zoom.

Step #4: Accountability

Each participant has their own Coach who serves as a sounding board for ideas, offers a fresh perspective on possibilities, acts as a provocateur to push through excuses and keeps daily action items top of mind to ensure continued progress.

  • In the midst of the busy, we often lose sight of the important: Custom text messages from your personal Coach keep goals top of mind.
  • Coach sends personalized (not automated) reminders to reinforce what matters most.
  • These reminders lead to honest two-way communication, high accountability, authentic connection and dynamic, intentional growth.

The Results

Our exclusive, personalized and unmatched LeaderClass process built on inspiration, personal leadership principles and individualized accountability plans lead to amazing results:

“This experience has meant more to me than you’ll ever know. These are strange times and having a voice of positivity made a big difference for me. I will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. Thanks for everything.” – Curtis

“It’s been great having the ‘personal touch’ from my coach, especially during a time when six feet is as close as anyone can come to personal touch! John is a great speaker and coach has been wonderful keeping it going throughout the week.” – Debbie

“Thanks for pushing me to set a clear and measurable goal last month. My sleep has been way better and I know it was because I made it a priority. I’m even working out, reading more, and far more effective now that I have a routine.” – Daniel

“I could go on and on with how you’ve contributed to my success so far, and what I believe will be a life lived on fire, in awe and intentionally and free of alcohol… John would send a note, then Matt would jump in proactively reaching out and asking how I am doing and how he can help. Many months and texts later, he has been by my side with support, guidance, counsel and a listening ear. It has been a huge help.” – K2

Monthly Leadership Themes

With more than 15 years of experience serving 1,000s of clients, we know the most critical step to ensuring success from our programs is listening to our clients and truly understanding their unique needs. In this light, LeaderClass is not a cookie-cutter program with a a stagnant outline. Instead, it is dynamic with strategic checkpoints with your leadership to ensure we find the right next step and the most intentional layering of themes for your dynamic goals and needs. Here are some of the themes we cover:

SELF: Purposeful renewal, continuous improvement, enhanced flow
How am I doing mentally? Physically? What plan do I have in place to take care of me?

OWNERSHIP: Focus on responsibility, choice, accountability, initiative, resourcefulness
Am I staying in my circle? How can I spend less time on things I can’t control?

TIME: Focus, integrity, discipline, prioritization
Organize your week and day to ensure you’re staying focused on what is most important.

LISTEN: Foster respect, mutual understanding, empathy, courage
Who are you miscommunicating with? Are you practicing being quiet?

GOAL SETTING: Identify or refine SMART milestones
Do you know what success looks like? Do you have a plan to get there?

GIVING AND RECEIVING CRITIQUE: Amplify feedback to ensure even bigger wins
How do you feel receiving feedback? Springboard from feedback to success.

This is a partial list of the many themes we cover to meet our clients where they are. We are adept at both making your ideas for key themes come to life and at discerning and making recommendations on topics that we feel will best serve you. Intentionally layered and customized content is one of the hallmarks of our program and will ensure your leaders have the best results possible. We look forward to discussing this with you in your preprogram assessment.

Find out what LeaderClass could mean for your organization today.

Now is the time to inspire transformation. We look forward to partnering with you and empowering your team to stay in their circle, do simple better and take the next best step… together. Please contact us to  learn more.

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