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John Shanesy

One of my greatest accomplishments in 2018 was in realizing that I wasn’t being the person my father and father-in-law had been to my sons. Both my father and father-in-law died and while they aren’t physically here, they remain. In discussions with my sons, both of their grandfathers come up and then laughter ensues which made me think about the influence those men had on their grandsons.

That led to the realization that I wasn’t being “that guy” to a new grandson in my life. I was living in the Pacific time zone and him in the Eastern time zone. It was time to get closer and be what my fathers were to my sons. That realization came to fruition and I was fortunate enough to now be residing in the same time zone. I’ve narrowed the gap from 2500 miles to 400 and I’m not down yet. Maybe 2019 will narrow that distance even further. Who knows and I’ll keep “putting it out there”.