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“Be the Change You wish to see in the world (Augustine of Hippo 354 to 430)? A personal mantra

I have not interacted with this site till now. I have not even heard the webcasts. It is shameful??? I have heard many of the podcasts. They are inspirational and have led me here. Thank You?

I have been touched on the heart by God. It is amazing to me that this happened. I realise now,  the gift I have. Also, this gift is not given to everyone. It took place about 16 years ago and continues to be with me to this day. It was not an accident. I embarked on a spiritual journey but when it happened it’s like rounding a corner and not expecting to see what you see. In my case experience, rather than see. I have been given interior freedom. It was and is a huge surprise.

I won’t go into what happened here as anonymity is a spiritual principle. I am a friend of Bill’s and he would not be happy at all if said anything.

What this says is,  interiorly,  I have been given the pearl that was buried in the field, that it has been suggested if you find this pearl in a field, sell everything and go buy the field so that the pearl may be yours. I have the pearl.

What I did not realise what has come with this gift of the pearl, is a vow of poverty I do not remember making LOL???

The reason I have made contact here is… I am actually not sure…

I fully accept I am responsible for my life. No one else. Being an isolationist, this works well for me. But not really.

What I discovered is it is fools gold that being alone works well. It is my preference. Why I have no idea.  Why is often not a helpful question?

We are all asked to be in a community. I am in spiritual communities. I am not really engaged in a business community.

I am in other Biz forums where I communicate lightly, but I do need to be more involved in some sort of business community because it is one thing to be poor, but when that lack of money impacts my brothers and sisters, I need to make changes.

I am single, never married, happy and poor.

I have a tiny business with no customers.

Let’s see if by being here and following the suggestions we can turn this situation around.

I guess what has attracted me to “Live Inspired”, aside from the book “On Fire” and DVD I have purchased. is that the theme of this place more than anywhere I have seen is about folks coming from behind and despite terrible odds,  they have come through to a place that is improved.

So, it’s been suggested I need to surrender to win. Become vulnerable, I am not sure this is it, but I am here.

I will now go and listen to one In-studio presentation a day.

I have been a member for some time and should make a start.

So as they say, God helps those who help themselves.

I have had my heart fixed. I am here to get my head fixed LOL???