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Life is a marathon–not a sprint. It’s easy to feel a rush of motivation and say you’re ready to embrace life’s full potential, but not so easy to follow through. We created the IN STUDIO community to give our friends a place to gather and grow from exclusive conversations with John as we continue our journeys together.

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IN STUDIO is a place to take pause, reflect on your choices and ensure you have the tools to Live Inspired. We meet once a month via live webcast to discuss topics that expand who we are as individuals and shine a light on how we may impact the world as leaders.

What is IN STUDIO?

A community of like-minded friends

  • Meet members from around the world
  • Connect via chat during monthly webcasts

A private webcast every month

  • Join John for one-hour webcasts dedicated to helping you build your best life
  • Enjoy a Q&A with John at the end of each webcast
  • Members say each webcast leaves them feeling calm, centered and motivated

An evolving set of reminders & frameworks to live effortlessly

  • Download John’s resources & journal prompts to support each month’s topic

A real-time impact on our community and world

  • 100% of IN STUDIO profits go to worthy charities