The audio files and slides for each LAUNCH session are below. Click on the session name to hear the audio; click on “presentation slides” to see slides.

[Don’t miss LAUNCH II – in November 2014!]

Session 1:

Who Are You?

LAUNCH Welcome – John O’Leary | Presentation Slides

A Tale of Two Airports – Don Eggleston | Presentation Slides

Personal & Professional Application – Roger Hall | Presentation Slides

Moving from Silo to Seamless – Edie Varley | Presentation Slides

Session 2:

It’s All about Relationships – Matt Miller | Presentation Slides

Where Are You Going?

Goal-Setting for Life – John O’Leary | Presentation Slides

Session 3:

Why Are You Going There?

Day 2 LAUNCH Welcome – John O’Leary | Presentation Slides

Questions in Pursuit of a Spiritual Path – Don Eggleston | Presentation Slides

Your Why to Wellness – Michelle Robin | Presentation Slides

Are We Better Off? – John O’Leary | Presentation Slides

Reduce Stress by Simplifying Decision-Making – Edie Varley | Presentation Slides

Yes AND – Travis Thomas

Session 4:

Who Is Travelling with You?

The Little Things Make a Difference – Matt Miller | Presentation Slides

Tune into Your Well-Being – Michelle Robin | Presentation Slides

How Are You Going to Get There?

Personal & Professional Application – Roger Hall

[Don’t miss LAUNCH II – in November 2014!]

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