The last Monday of the month through October, one LAUNCH speaker will be delivering a LAUNCH “refuel” call to support you as you continue boldly toward your true North. The audio file for each call will be posted here.

June 28: Refuel with Matt Miller

MattMillerFeatureKeeping “Love as the Key” in Your Daily Life [Download the MP3 here.]

John and Matt Miller share examples of how they have witnessed “love” fueling relationships, businesses and lives — and tips on how to keep love as your key too.


May 26: Refuel with Dr. Michelle Robin

MichelleRobinFeatureImageActionable Daily Tips for Healthy Living [Download the MP3 here.]

John and Dr. Michelle Robin share actionable health tips that will allow you to perform at a higher level. From shopping better at the grocery store (stick to the perimeter!), to planning your 21 meals each week: these are tips you can implement today, stick with tomorrow and will give you a brighter, healthier future.


April 28: Refuel with Don Eggleston

Video Final Image

“How do I live my mission and values every day?” [Watch the video here.]

Reflect on the importance of vision and mission in your work and life. Then, use Don’s check list to ensure you are living a mission-centered life every day. [Download the checklist.] 


March 31: Refuel with Edie Varley

EdieFeature2“What is your vital yes?” [Download the MP3 here.]

Explore the concepts of purpose, practice & power and the importance of identifying your vital yes (or personal mission statement) with John O’Leary and Edie Varley. Once identified, your personal mission statement will keep you fired up each day; in everything that you do.

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