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Judith Viorst

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I was so very sorry to read about your husband’s death in December. I have been following and buying your books throughout the years. I am a 90 year old professional singer and teacher at the Peabody Institute of Hopkins and have watched the correlations of our lives. My husband who died in 2019 was a pianist and the pianist of t he Baltimore symphony. I was born in Vienna Austria in March of 1933 and escaped the Nazis in 1938 to live in NYC. I would love to write you and thank you for all your intelligent and many charming books.

Hello Ms. Viorst,
I have you to thank for saving my marriage on more than one occasion. I have been married over 35 years. Shortly before I married in 1987, a close friend gave me an article you wrote (in Redbook, I believe). The focus of the article was 10 important points to maintaining a successful marriage. One point was, “Never say any negative about your husband’s family members, even if he initiates doing so.” My husband is from South Africa and in the late 1980s the country was grappling with dismantling apartheid. His family who lived in South Africa experienced real fears and anxiety about the future. Often I thought of your pithy advise and refrained from making comments that would have been unhelpful and hurtful.

In the ensuing years and multiple moves, I have misplaced your article. I have searched extensively for it online, to no avail. Would you know where I might find a copy of the article? I would love to share it with others. Thank you so much.
Kathy Kearney-Grobler

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