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Live Inspired Podcast: Ask John How do you turn your attitude around when nothing is going right?

John O’Leary Answers Your Questions Every Monday in November on the Live Inspired Podcast

Each Monday during November, I am going to do a special short, Q&A episode. During this season of gratitude, I thought it would be a fun way to say THANK YOU. To answer your questions and to shine a spotlight on YOU, our wonderful Live Inspired Community members and friends.

Today’s question was submitted through the 100 Episode Survey we did a few weeks back. Thanks to everyone who participated! If you have ever have questions or feedback, you can always send them to me and my team at info @ johnolearyinspires.com.

Today you’ll meet our dear friend Amy. I think you’ll love hearing her story + her question.

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  • I quickly mentioned Jack Buck… my hero! If you’ve never heard the story of our friendship, check out episode #32 here.
  • I mentioned my How To Write Your Ignition Statement video as a resource to create a solution to today’s question in your own life. Here’s a link to get it. Use code podcast for 15% off.
  • I mentioned my 3 favorite questions to reshape your thinking from a VICTIM of circumstance to a VICTOR in life. Get my wristbands with these questions on them here. Use code podcastfor 15% off.
  • If you enjoyed our discussion about “productivity” with Tonya Dalton of inkWELL Press, check out ep. #5 with Rory Vaden to explore “discipline.”

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