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Recap of 2021’s Most Downloaded Episodes (ep. 424)

John O’Leary recaps the most downloaded episode of 2021 + what it means for you looking ahead to 2022 on the Live Inspired Podcast.

In 2021, we’ve encountered challenges, experienced cheerfulness and witnessed change, together.

As we celebrate over four million downloads, I’m incredibly grateful for our Live Inspired community.

Whether subscribing to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or another listening platform, sharing episodes with friends + family or engaging with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, this milestone would have been reached without you.

Today, join me as I recap the most downloaded episodes of the last year. From Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph to New York Times bestselling author Mel Robbins, today’s episode is the best way to close out the year and start 2022 off right.

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  • Peter Montoya, an apolitical unification expert, shares practical strategies to unify our divided society on ep. 376.
  • Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix, shares stories about starting the iconic brand and his unconventional idea of success on ep. 388.
  • Howard Behar, retired president at Starbucks, shares his tips on how to be a servant leader + why leading with values is the best recipe for success on ep. 378.
  • Ben Nemtin of MTV’s The Buried Life acts on the question “what do you want to do before you die?” and the practical steps you can implement today to build and accomplish your list on ep. 336.
  • Matt Miller, coach at Live Inspired, reminds us how to set attainable goals and make the next year meaningful on ep. 324.
  • Doug Lindsay shares his journey in developing the treatment to a mysterious, debilitating illness that impacted his family on ep. 322.
  • Mel RobbinsNew York Times bestselling author, shares her proven + empowering techniques to overcome negative mental repercussions of the COVID-19 global pandemic on ep. 372.
  • Jonathan Pitts shares about the loss of his wife Wynter and finding peace, strength + hope in keeping her legacy alive on ep. 328.
  • Dr. Tim Jordan shares practical advice to build closer relationships based on trust and understanding with our children on ep. 330.
  • Sebastian Maniscalco, known as “the hottest comic in America” by New York Times shares how perseverance and hustle have been the key ingredients to attaining success, the challenges that come with it and where he finds inspiration on ep. 344.

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