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Fact-Based Optimism: Why the World is Better Than We Think (ep. 238)

Gregg Easterbrook

Gregg Easterbrook joins John O’Leary on the Live Inspired Podcast to share the research that the world is better than we think.

Today I welcome back Gregg Easterbrook, New York Times bestselling author + guest on one of the most popular Live Inspired Podcast episodes of all time.

When Gregg joined us in January 2019, the market, health + longevity were at all-time highs, unemployment at all-time lows and really no reason for fear… Yet we were drowning in fear.

My friends, as we are inundated with fear-driven headlines + media coverage about the coronavirus, Gregg once again reminds us that the world is better than it looks.

Today’s conversation is packed with reassuring, fact-based optimism that will inspire a positive perspective during today’s pandemic… and whatever challenges tomorrow may bring.

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  • Pollution, discrimination, rate of heart disease + cancer are trending down. Life expectancy, education, living standards, middle-class income, human freedom are trending up.
  • “Being an optimistic is not being a Pollyanna. A Pollyanna believes there are no problems. An optimist believes that problems can be solved.”
  • “I’m optimistic that we can fix the coronavirus and whatever problem comes after it.”
  • As Gregg is doing his part to defeat the coronavirus, he remains optimistic by looking at the recent history of similar problems and their outcomes.
  • The further you look back in history, the more optimistic you become that the current strategies will work. Gregg recalls 1968’s devastating Hong Kong Flu and notes that none of the public health steps that are being taken today were taken then.
  •  “The stock market is going to take care of itself. Every past big decline in the stock market including in 1929 has corrected itself and became a gain within 1-2 years.”
  • Listen to my January 2019 conversation with Gregg Easterbrook on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 121 here.
  • Get Gregg Easterbrook’s book It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear.

To help combat fear, isolation and other uncertainty around coronavirus, I created a 21-day challenge to inspire our community to focus on what they can control and to remain ferociously optimistic that their best remains ahead. Sign up for the IN AWE 21-Day Challenge here.


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