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Release Holiday Stress + Winter Blues (ep. 310)

As part of our Electing Gratitude series, John O’Leary shares how to combat holiday stress + winter blues on today’s Live Inspired Podcast.

Every Thursday for the last five weeks we’ve shared interviews full of tips + inspiring conversations as part of our Electing Gratitude series. This special series was designed to help you navigate + find joy within the complexities of life this year.

Today’s episode serves as a guide to living inspired while navigating holiday stress + winter blues. I share much-needed perspective + practical tips from past Live Inspired Podcast guests to help stay inspired throughout the season.

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  • The foundation is firm and the best of our days remain in front of us.
    • Gregg Easterbrook, New York Times bestselling author of the book It’s Better Than It Looks shared hard facts as to why this is the best time in human history.
    • He exposed which elements of your life are making you feel otherwise and most importantly, shared the value of recapturing a true, positive perspective + what it could mean for your relationships, business, life + world.
    • Listen to ep. 121 and ep. 238.
  • When you know your why, you can endure any how.
    • The spirit of Captain Charlie Plumb captivated me, and he’s someone who inspired me vulnerably share my own story. On his 75th mission over North Vietnam, and just five days before his tour was scheduled to end, his plane was shot down. He spent 2,103 days as a POW, yet by choosing not to be bitter saved him.
    • As many of us may feel imprisoned in our own homes during the global pandemic, I hope my conversation with Charlie Plumb will give you perspective.
    • Listen to ep. 31
  • Practical tips you can implement in your life today.
    • Happiness expert Shawn Achor reminded us that it’s in the darkest times that we need optimism, gratitude and social connection the most.
    • If you’re feeling less connected, isolated and unhappy during this challenging time, Shawn’s researched based reasoning + practical tips will have a profound impact.
    • Listen to ep. 236.
  • If you’ve got nothing to be grateful for, stay in bed.
    • I share one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories from growing up and how it continues to remind me of all I have to be grateful for.

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