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John O’Leary shares a poignant conversation to remind us that in spite of the challenges we all face, hope will not be canceled.

Struggle. Financial setbacks. Loneliness. Constant stress. Uncertainty. 

These are some of the words audience members recently  shared when I asked them to describe the last 14 months.

That is exactly why today’s episode is so important: Join me to be reminded that, regardless of your challenges, hope is not canceled. Love wins. And the best of your life is yet to come.

I’ll share just how mind-boggling the miracle of your life is as evidenced through a special friend of mine, 8-year-old Curtis. You won’t believe:

  • the impact the healing power of love and hope had on his life
  • the impact it can have on yours
  • and the practical tips to cultivate hope in your life right now.

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  • You are a miracle: The chance of you being born is less than 1 in 400 trillion. The likelihood of you developing from the first single-celled organism is less than 1 in 10 to the 390th power.
  • “My life is a miraculous gift and I choose to live like it is.”
  • John shares his serendipitous role with 8-year-old Curtis + his recovery from a devastating car accident.
  • Watch the pure, unscripted and unconditional love when Curtis was able to embrace his younger siblings in this video.
  • Name one person in your life that reminds you that you’re loved, valued and your life has meaning.
  • Love → Optimism → Faithfulness → Action → Results
  • “Hope can be taught. Hope leads to resiliency.”
  • Three steps to build hope:
    1. Focus on one specific goal
    2. Plan your next right step
    3. Strengthen the agency + belief in yourself
  • “Learned helplessness is our default. We can’t be hopeful and depressed at the same time. The more we focus on building hope, we’re able to break free from negative patterns.”

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