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Apollo 13’s Captain Jim Lovell on Staying Mentally Strong (ep. 366)

Jim Lovell of Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Spacecraft Commander Captain Jim Lovell joins the Live Inspired Podcast with John O’Leary to share how he stayed mentally strong when met with unforeseen adversity.

Captain Jim Lovell has travelled further into space than any other person and is one of only three to travel to the moon twice. Possibly even more profound, he has witnessed more than 260 sunrises from space.

Infamously the mission meant to be his third trip to the moon, Apollo 13, was cut short when a tank exploded.

When I first spoke to Jim in July of 2018, I was in awe – he has been a hero of mine since I was a boy. Today, I revisit parts of that historic conversation because it has never been more relevant.

As we’re each faced with our own unique challenges today, let Jim’s guidance on staying mentally strong in the face of unforeseen adversity inspire you.

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When the odds are that long, how do you respond? “We thought about what we had to overcome, specifically:

  1. We had to figure out how to get back on course to get home.
  2. We had to decide what we had to turn off to save critical energy.
  3. We had to realize that each time we, we were slowly poisoning ourselves with carbon dioxide.
  4. We had to learn how to connect our current system to the old one because they weren’t built to connect.

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